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Asad Ali

Macroeconomics and Microeconomics tutor

location Leesburg, VA
education National University

About Asad

Hello Perspective students and parents,

I am a Cambridge university certified Economics teacher and an experienced tutor, specialized only in Economics. I have Masters degree in Economics and almost 9 years of experience in teaching economics at different international schools and colleges. I can teach AP Economics, IB Economics, O-levels and A-levels Economics (micro and macro both).
I also worked with different international schools and colleges as curriculum designing member. I worked as a paper setter team member at different International schools and colleges.

Since I work with students of all age groups, I take different approaches with every student and bring my own prepared material to the lessons. What I love about teaching is the ability to help students grasp the material, retain it and use it thoroughly. During my tutoring session, I use learning strategies that use critical thinking skills. First, I ask questions to determine where the student is struggling. Then, I present those concepts from the very basic level so that students can understand the concepts easily. I use notes, mind maps and other relevant material to teach economic concepts in details.

I believe Economic concepts are best understood with factual examples and an individual can relate to as this will help for a long-term retention. As everyone has a different learning style that works best for them therefore as a tutor I try to apply different means to ensure the students gets a good understanding of the concept.

Last but not the least, I strongly believe that every student is able to succeed when he/she is willing to and has appropriate resources.

I am looking forward to working with you and helping you achieving your goals.


National University


Micro Economics and Macro economics


Awards & Honors

Economics teaching certificate





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