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Hello! My name is Julie Mehta and I will be attending medical school at VCOM next year! I hold a BS in neurobiology and physiology and have been involved in teaching (from Sunday school to tutoring to PE teacher) for the past 10 years. I am able to tutor multiple science subjects from elementary level into college level work. I have 2 years experience tutoring grades K-5 in several subjects including math, reading, writing, social studies and science. I also have 4 years experience in tutoring high school science (biology and chemistry) and math (algebra I & II, statistics and some geometry).

I would be willing to tutor college students in their science courses as well!
Let me know if you need my help!
I have been a tutor for Kumon Learning center in the past, and tutored children ages 2-18. I have received an A in all my math classes in high school and in college (I also obtained AP credit to place out of basic math courses in college).
Also tutor in my local university for underpriveleged students in the honors college.
I also have a 10 year old brother that I have taught all throughout his school experience. I know how to work with and handle kids and know how to see what areas they struggle in and help them improve in those areas. I also have a lot of patience when working with kids and young teens to help them fully understand the concept.
I am willing to help tutor your kids online throughout my college time if that is something that can be done!



University of Maryland - College Park

neurobiology and physiology




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