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Andrea Assale

Psychology and French tutor

location Spring, TX
education University of Texas at Austin

About Andrea

My name is Diane Assale and I am currently working as a Petroleum field engineer.
Although the nature of my degree and my current position is not directly related to the position, they helped me develop aptitudes that would be very useful. They involved a great deal of self-motivation, requiring initiative problem solving and independent research. Also, my previous experiences as a tutor taught me how to identify and efficiently meet the expectations of others and how to manage my time. It also developed my ability to work on different tasks at the same time while managing pressure.
I began tutoring in Back in High School. I think in the ninth grade and I loved it. I continued doing that and stopped it after my High School graduation. I always taught that teaching, transmit what you have learnt, is one of the greatest presents that you can give. It is because of teaching that we are still alive and we continue to improve ourselves. I miss it enormously and I would really like to tutor again.
I believe that what makes me a perfect fit for this position is actually my passion for helping others and believing that nothing is too small to create an impact in the world. I just want to teach people what other people taught me, and don't be buried with my knowledge.
Feel free to contact me for more information.
Thank you very much for taking the time to consider this application.


University of Texas at Austin


Petroleum engineering





Social Studies




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