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Barbara Diamond

GED and Chemistry tutor

location Irving, TX
education Meredith College

About Barbara

Tutoring is my passion.
I have a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry and experience as a chemistry tutor and lab teaching assistant. As an undergraduate student, I researched and developed a lab activity to introduce atomic structure, isotopes and related calculations and lab techniques to general chemistry I students. I presented this project at the American Chemical Society National Conference in 2019 and it has since been added to the Meredith College curriculum.
During my time at Meredith College, I worked as a chemistry tutor, lab teaching assistant (for up to 24 students at a time), and personal lab assistant for a visually impaired student. I also held review sessions before final exams for large groups of general chemistry students.
I focus mostly on tutoring general chemistry because it's the first introduction to chemistry and can make or break a student's outlook on their major. Since everything in science majors builds on the fundamentals taught in general chemistry, I want to make sure they have a solid foundation before moving onto advanced topics.

What I love about tutoring is helping students realize their potential and get to that 'aha' moment. Sometimes learning differences lead students to believe they will never succeed at understanding chemistry concepts because they don't understand the material presented by their teacher or professor. I believe they can succeed at understanding the material, it just needs to be taught a different way. I go beyond the textbook and provide different ways at looking at a chemistry concepts, so that they are easier to understand.

I am available for sessions to better explain topics being taught in class, homework help, test prep, going over quizzes and tests afterwards to address questions, or just as a sounding board for an upcoming scientific presentation or project.


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