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Anthony Cummings

Greek and Hebrew tutor

location Hunt, TX
education The Master's College and Seminary

About Anthony

Current education background:

- One year Biblical Hebrew tutorship program by Orthodox Jewish professor Dr. Yoel Ben Shlomo (Jerusalem, Israel – Open University of Israel).
- Two years of Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek linguistic study by the MEMRA Online Institute for Ancient Languages (Dr. Michael Heiser).
- Two years of Biblical Hebrew by Dr. Bill Barrick of The Master's Seminary
- One year Hebrew program at The Holy Language Institute by Izzy Avraham
- Completed the self study Zondervan courses of:
*Dr. Miles Vann Pelt (Basics of Biblical Hebrew, Basics of Biblical Aramaic)
*Dr. William Mounce (Basic of Biblical Greek)
-Completed - Dr. David Allen Black's (Learning To Read NT Greek) and supplemental workbook

What my Biblical Language Coaching offers:

People learn in different ways at different paces according to their personality and character. Some are determined, self motivated, and disciplined while others need to be motivated at times. Each online course, and weekly coaching session thereof, is flexible and dynamic to fit the specific needs of the individual student, according to the student’s specific desire, goal, and method of learning.

What the student will receive:

-Qualitative weekly online coaching session of 50 minutes to one hour
-Free additional video lectures that are directly applicable to both the overall grammar and vocabulary of each chapter, of which the student has the option to download and save to their computer, backup drive, etc. (Videos are over $300 in total value)
-Free Interactive Power Point/Software interaction according to the specific grammar and vocabulary of each chapter
-Practical application in reading and interpreting the original text
-Beginner level of textual criticism
-24/7 Email or Facebook message availability for students who may have questions or concerns about what they are studying, homework exercises, reading exercises, etc.

Available Courses:

1) Biblical Hebrew

I offer three different curriculum for first year Biblical Hebrew. The first is by Dr. Michael Heiser. The second is Dr. Miles Vann Pelt. And the third is by Dr. Bill Barrick. I offer different options because:

A) Some students are interested in only learning Biblical Hebrew for personal study, etc.
B) Other students desire to follow up their Biblical Hebrew studies with learning Modern Hebrew.

The three curriculum are available to suit the students current desire and to prep them for the personal direction they are seeking after completing the first year of linguistic study.

2) Biblical Aramaic

I offer one curriculum for first year Biblical Aramaic by Dr. Miles Vann Pelt. However, the potential student interested in learning Biblical Aramaic is expected to have, at least, a first year knowledge of Biblical Hebrew.

3) NT Biblical Greek

I offer two curriculum available for NT Biblical Greek. The first is by Dr. William Mounce. The second by Dr. David Allen Black. Both are solid first year NT Greek courses. However, for the potential student who cant afford Mounce’s textbooks and course, Dr. Black’s textbook has both grammar and exercises in one book – and is more cost efficient.

The student seeking tutorship must be willing to agree to do the following:

a) Invest into the needed textbook(s) that will be used in the year course (via Hardback, PDF, or Kindle format).
b) Complete weekly homework assignments
c) Fill out a student-teacher evaluation form every 10-12 lessons
d) Write an honest summery of the overall year course upon completion


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