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I am a chemical engineering graduate of Drexel University, Class of 2013. Since graduation, I spent about a year enrolled in a voluntary service program that involved teaching kids at middle school.

Even though I am currently working full time as an analyst in Pasadena TX, I took it upon myself to get back to my educational roots by tutoring. I have a strong affinity for math, I have been that way all my life. I was the one guy who got upset for not getting perfect scores in quizzes, I was also the guy that everyone in class got mad at for answering all the questions. Most kids nowadays either love or hate math. I am here to cater to both groups. With every new client I meet, it is important to establish the weak spots , be it chemistry, algebra, geometry, common core or calculus. Your time is very precious so I would like us to focus more on key areas of improvement. I attended high school in Nigeria and so we never had the opportunity to do homework online. No matter how many times we need to go over a problem, once again I am here to help you grow.

Outside tutoring and work, I am very active in sports and other fitness activities. Exercise , apart from being a stress reliever, greatly complements the art of studying in terms of long hours and having a "never give up" attitude in order to achieve great results. My experiences with schooling in Nigeria have taught me just how important a teacher's attitude is on the student's success, that is just half of the goal. Let's work together to achieve the other half as well.



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