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Hello! I am a recent graduate of Princeton University, where I majored in Molecular Biology and received certificates in Global Health, Engineering Biology, and Quantitative and Computational Biology. Now, I am an MD/PhD candidate at the Perelman School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania. I first began tutoring in 2010, when I helped my fellow classmates with chemistry, a subject that was considered very difficult in my school. By explaining difficult concepts in different ways, relating topics to real world applications, and helping my classmates solve practice problems, I realized just what a difference I could make in someone’s education. Since then, I have tutored students almost every year in a variety of subjects ranging from SAT preparation to biology, calculus, and organic chemistry. Although many of my clients worked with me as a private tutor, I also worked for the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning at Princeton (a space where students who had previously taken a course can tutor those currently taking that class) and a test preparation company. Through my additional roles as a teaching assistant for an undergraduate biology laboratory class and organic chemistry lab, I have learned teaching techniques that can help students master difficult concepts in the sciences. While my focus is tutoring high school math, biology, and chemistry, I have experience working with students on almost any subject. I believe that education not only opens many opportunities, but also helps students achieve a more meaningful life. Outside of my medical school coursework and research, I enjoy taking care of my pets (I have a tortoise and many fish), growing carnivorous plants and vegetables, learning foreign languages, and playing the piano. I hope that you will find working with me not only easy and rewarding, but also fun.



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