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Tamara Freilich

LSAT and Essay Writing tutor

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education University of Pennsylvania
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About Tamara

I specialize in getting students into TOP law schools through LSAT tutoring and law school admissions assistance.

The LSAT is difficult. There’s no way around that. But so much of the difficulty is just understanding what is actually being asked of you. The key to getting a TOP SCORE on the LSAT is to understand the logic behind the test makers. If you really master the test you will be able to spot any question and know what the test maker’s goal in asking it is. With this understanding you’ll be able to quickly find the right answer with less time and much less work. Wouldn’t it be nice to have EXTRA time on the test? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel CONFIDENT you know the right answer and not simply guessing between two? Wouldn’t it be nice to maybe even have a little FUN with the test? This is hard to do on your own. If you’ve been toiling away and are not seeing any improvements, then it’s time to get some help. This is where getting a tutor is necessary to get you the score you want. I know more about the LSAT than frankly anyone would want to know. Which for you, means zero surprises on test day. You will walk in on test day feeling confident, mentally prepared and ready for a TOP SCORE.

It is a vital part of my mission to make this process about you. Law schools want to know who you are, what makes you unique, and why your life story will make you the best applicant for their school. Too many applicants underestimate the importance of powerful essays and a targeted resume. It is by no means only a numbers game and a compelling narrative goes a long way into getting you into the best law schools. With my objective lens and experienced knowledge of what law schools are looking for in applicants, we will create a stellar application to show why no school can turn you away.


University of Pennsylvania




Emory University


Political Science


Awards & Honors

Toll Public Interest Scholar


Pro Bono Distinction Award for Exemplary Service


D. Abbott Turner Scholarship in Ethics and Servant Leadership



Test Preparation



Essay Writing

Social Studies

Criminal Justice

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