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Hi there, John-Thomas (or JT) here. Originally from Henderson, TN, I attended the University of Memphis, receiving a BFA in Performance in 2008. I, like everyone else, had no idea the economy would tank like it did when I chose a life in the theatre. (Or rather, it chose me.)

So after college, I became a tutor and teacher for the Bowie Learning Center ( for 2 years. I taught classes of Spanish, Physics and Theatre, as well as tutoring most subjects. I worked with many students with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia/dysgraphia/dyscalculia.

Wanting to get back to my theatre roots, I then traveled the country with Missoula Children's Theatre ( as a teaching artist/ director/ actor. Each week we would drive to a new town, cast 60 kids into a musical, teach the musical for 3 days and perform for the school/town/etc each weekend, breakdown and head to the next town. I worked with over 5000 kids in 82 cities across America.

After 2 years of living out of a duffel bag, I needed to plant some roots somewhere. My partner and I took out a dart and a map and decided to move to Philadelphia where I freelance as a theatre teaching artist and a tutor for most subjects K-12th grade. I am also available to coach acting and even teach you to sew. I love gaining new skills to teach to others. How can I help you?



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