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I have experience in many diffrent subjects as Algebra I I have experience teaching and tutoring algebra from grades 7-12 since 2010. Expert Algebra II I have experience in tutoring and teaching algebra 2 since 2010. Expert Algebra III dealt with since 1998 Expert Calculus I have tutored this with great results since 2004 Expert Calculus II have tutored with great results since 2004 Expert College Algebra I have taken college alegbra since 1998 for self, students by tutoring them. Expert Geometry I have tutor geometry since 2004. Expert Logic have tutored with great results since 2004 Expert Math grade 1 to college graduate level since 1998 Expert Pre-Algebra I took for first course in algebra back 1996 and haven't looked back since. Expert Pre-Calculus have tutored with great results since 2004 Expert Statistics I have dealt with different stats situations from GIS, planning and project management since 2000. Expert Trigonometry I have tutored trig going back to 2004. Expert Anatomy since 2004 Expert Bio Chemistry since 2004 Expert Biology since 2006 Expert Chemistry since 2010 Expert Earth Science I have been involved ES since 1998 through weather, and astronomy. Expert Genetics since 2010 Expert Inorganic Chemistry since 2010 Expert Life Science since 1999 Expert Marine Biology since 2002 Expert Organic Chemistry since 2010 Expert Physics took first physics course back in 1999 and haven't looked back Expert Physiology took first physics course back in 1999 and haven't looked back Expert Psychology involved with people since 1996 Expert Science I have dealt with science courses since 1998. Expert Sociology since 1998 Expert Ultrasound Physics took first physics course back in 1999 and haven't looked back Expert American History I have had solid scores and knowledge in the area since my first class in 10th grade back in 1996, so give me a shot. Expert Geography I have a masters degree in geography and urban planning. I have over 4500 project management hours. Expert Government I have worked hands on and volunteered for different branches of Federal, State and local government since 2004. Expert Political Science taken political science since 2002 and help students with their issues. Expert Social Studies I have taken social studies courses since 8th grade and taught since 2010, I have tutored them since 2004. Expert World History I have taken world history courses since 1998 and tutored history since 2004. Expert Composition I have written from essay to books since 1998. Expert Creative Writing written essays to books Expert English been involved in English writing since 1998 Expert Grammar I have dealt with English issues in grammar structure since my college career began back in 1998. Expert Journalism I have had extensive experience journalism writing for numerous newspapers since 1998. Expert Language Arts 1998 Expert Literature since 1996 Expert Poetry since 1996 Expert Reading I started at my lowest level reading class back 1998 and got my reading level up to college level by 2005. You can do the same with my teaching methods. Expert Reading Comprehension I started at my lowest level reading class back 1998 and got my reading level up to college level by 2005. You can do the same with my teaching methods. Expert Shakespeare since 1996 Expert Spelling I have gotten people from terrible spelling to excellent spelling in days give me a try! Expert Writing I have had extensive experience journalism writing for numerous newspapers since 1998. Expert ACT I have great potential since the early 2000's to get great results for people, so come and try me. Expert Actuarial Exams since 1998 Expert ASVAB I am experience on taking this subject before going for the military in 1998, 2000 and 2005, so give me a shot! Expert CLAST since 1998 Expert Contractors Lisencing since 2004 Expert Entrance Exams since 1998 Expert FCAT knowledge since early 2000's Expert GED I have tutored since 1998 dealing with high school students, and drop outs to pass there high school test. Expert GMAT since 1998 Expert GRE I have prepped and prepared for different tests for GRE standards. Expert LSAT since 1998 Expert MCAT since 1998 Expert PCAT since 1998 Expert Praxis Exam since 1998 Expert PSAT preparation for these type of tests since 1998. Expert SAT - Math since 1998 Expert SAT - Verbal since 1998 Expert SERIES 7 since 2010 Expert Teacher Cert Exams since 2008 Expert Test Preparation since 1992 different types of subjects math, english, history from elementary to college level. Expert Testing Skills I have done tests for myself and help students pass tests since 2000. Expert Testing Strategies beat the test since 1998, so come try me! Expert TOEFL since 1998 Expert Chess I have played in chess tourneys, so give me a shot! Expert Continuing Education I have been involved in education since 1998 as a student, tutor and teacher. Expert Homework Help I have done various homework assignments in various subjects, so just shoot the question over. Expert Study Skills I have studied for hundreds of tests in my life, so come try the master! Expert Typing Skills I have typed up to 47 wpm without a mistake. Expert Writing Skills I have had extensive experience journalism writing for numerous newspapers since 1998. Expert Drawing since 2002 Expert Accounting I have dealt with accounting, taxes and payroll since 2001. Expert Advertising I have run different businesses in advertising since 2001, so come try to see what I can offer ya! Expert Business overall since 2001 Expert Communications I have been involved in communications through presentations and newspaper statements through astronomy columns and letter to the editor. Expert Economics economy is everything about me. Expert Finance I have been involved in finance since 2003 with budgeting and managing projects. Expert Law dealt with this subject since 2003. Expert Marketing I have marketing experience in tutoring through groups and face to face since 2004. Expert Public Relations I have extensive background in public relations since 1998 dealing with newspaper and tv controversies. Expert Resume Writing I have taught people how to write resumes since 2004. Expert Speaking I have been involved in public speaking since 1999. Expert C++ training in this program since 2004 Expert CAD dealt with this subject since 2002. Expert Computer I have extensive experience with using computers through research and internet. Expert Computer Programming since 2004 Expert Desktop Publishing since 2004 Expert Graphic Design since 2004 Expert HTML since 2004 Expert Javascript since 2004 Expert jquery since 2008 Expert Microsoft Access I have been dealing with Access since 2002, so shoot any questions my way. Expert Microsoft Excel knowledge since 1998 Expert Microsoft Office I have had extensive experience with MO going back to 1998 with word documents, testing, spreadsheets and so forth. Expert Microsoft PowerPoint since 1998 Expert Objective C since 2008 Expert PHP since 2004 Expert Python since 2004 Expert Silverlight since 2008 Expert SketchUp since 2006 Expert SQL since 2004 Expert Statistics SPSS since 2004 Expert VB.net since 2004 Expert XML since 2004 Expert ADD/ADHD I have been work with disabled students since 2006. Expert Dyslexia helped disabled people since 2004 Expert Special Education I have dealt with special ed kids since 2004. Expert Aerospace Engineering since 1998 Expert Chemical Engineering since 2010 Expert Civil Engineering I have experience doing civil plans and drawing since 2003. Expert Electrical Engineering since 2010 Expert Engineering since 2010 Expert Environmental Engineering since 2010 Expert Industrial Engineering since 2010- 100 percent scores all the time Expert Materials Engineering since 2010 Expert Mechanical Engineering since 2010 Expert Basic Learning Skills I have help all different people in different ages from 5-65. Expert Elementary sub teach this Expert Elementary Grammar since 1996 Expert Elementary Math since 1996 Expert Elementary Phonics dealt with this subject since 2008 Expert Elementary Reading since 1996 Expert Elementary Science dealt with this since 1998 Expert Elementary Social Studies dealt with since 1996 Expert Elementary Study Skills since 1996 Expert Elementary Vocabulary since 1996 Expert As a California University of PA graduate, I am highly motivated to make others succeed. I have 12 years of writing experience through short essay, newspaper article, working on a books, wrote over several 20 page economic development projects. I'm a highly motivated individual to help people get to the next level. I have a masters degree in geography. I am working on another masters degree in business administration. I have an ITA a tutoring certification to tutor kids from k-12 and college level from Associates to Phd. I have helped others for a period of 12 years to write. With this knowledge gives me the areas of geography, computers, english, history, math, spelling, reading, GRE, GED, and Praxi prep and other basic to graduate level subjects to teach.

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I help students with all subjects with all courses and program work at $300-$400 per course. I also do assignments $50-$250 and have been helping students with great results for 18 years! E-mail me the coursework, projects or anything at ***


sports, weather, astronomy, tv, computers, travel

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Lori Ogline “He taught and tutored me up a couple of grades and showed me techniques to get my reading, writing and math to respectable levels.” November 25, 2010 1stLori O., Student, GED reported to Thomas at Penn Highlands Community College Charles Grimm “Taught him computers, mapping skills and so forth” November 7, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert 1stCharles G. (Veteran) hired Thomas as a Business Consultant in 1995, and hired Thomas more than once Jerry Mcclemons “Thomas knows his computers, sales and networking. I would highly recommend Thomas for these situations. There is not one moment that he has let me down. His experience and education makes him successful.” November 7, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert 1stJerry M. hired Thomas as a IT Consultant in 2005, and hired Thomas more than once Robert Shumaker “Thomas is a great professional with great communication skills, computers, sales and takes care of business for my girlfield on Amazon account his has held for over 5 years. As a partner that has worked with him, he has taught everything that I know.” November 7, 2010 1stRobert S., production worker, Workshop reported to Thomas at Bearpaw Internet Solutions Dave Pattee “I helped him salvage for parts. He taught me to get my reading level up to a respectable grade level and was professional even on his bad days. He writes newspaper articles against local companies that lose customers and for a good reason!” November 24, 2010 1stDave P., Car Wrecker, Pattee Inc. was a consultant or contractor to Thomas at Supertutors “He knows his healthcare paperwork, food stamp paperwork, transportation paperwork, and medical paperwork. He has handled my 302 situations in the hospital and saved my life in a drug overdose situation.” November 15, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert 1stDave P. hired Thomas as a Business Consultant in 2006, and hired Thomas more than once Donald Penrod “Thomas is a leader in everyway possible when it comes to books and business. He taught me everything I knew. He has great writing skills, I have been a sales consultant for him for his different companies before.” April 1, 2011 1stDonald P., watershed assitant, Shade Creek watershed reported to Thomas at Volunteer Wave Mostetler “He knows how to teach people farely well without his knowledge my reading and writing level would have gone no where. This person is recommended for people with disabilities and helping out elderly.” November 7, 2010 1stWave M., mechanic, Mosteller Automotive was with another company when working with Thomas at IU8 G. Sickler Thomas K has really helped with my Masters Level Homework .The editing of large projects and assisting in suggestions for research . He ability to assist with mla and apa format was essential for my education .His suggestions for researching materal aided me in completing my very large projects and complete all required reading assignments . I am grateful for his postive attitude . Thank again for being a great help to me . bobby watkins Thomas helped me a lot with learning how to do different types of work and helped me out with throught times of work and he would be a great help to any student needs help. Thomas Kielbasinski Sr. This project is rated as very successful. Wins Appeal with SSD! VA medicare approved completing and organizing IRS,SSI, SSD, workers compensation, prescription, vets, medical benefits, taxes, electric, gas, water bill, rent, housing, welfare, and Unemployment Benefits. 1500 project hours (Somerset County, PA) Frederick Sharp As a fellow Social Scientist I have been associated with Thomas for many years and I can honestly say that he stands out among his peers especially when it comes to devotion of his work. FS BA.,Glassboro State College,1987

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I'm dedicated to helping disabled students, and motivate



California University of Pennsylvania

geography and urban planning


Walden University

project leadership


University of Phoenix

Business management










Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Discrete Math
Elementary Math
Linear Algebra

Test Preparation

ACT Writing
ACT Math
ACT Reading
ACT Science
SAT Math
SAT Reading
SAT Writing


ACT Writing
ACT Math
ACT Reading
ACT Science


SAT Math
SAT Reading
SAT Writing


English (K-8)
High School Level English
College Level English
Essay Writing
Reading & Comprehension
Study Skills


Public Speaking


Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Earth Science
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Science
Health Science
Life Sciences
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Organic Chemistry
Physical Science

Social Studies

U.S. History
Criminal Justice
European History
Government & Politics
Music History
Political Science
Social History of Art
World History


Public Speaking
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word
Business Coach
Career Development
Online Marketing
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Adobe Photoshop
Computer Science
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Microsoft Access
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Graphic Design
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Life Coach
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