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Mathematics is the teaching of perseverance to turn dreams into realities. My journey into the education field began with tutoring at the University level at Kent State University, which also included projects for the Mathematical Sciences and Education department offices (2012-2014). After graduating from Kent State University, I taught for Akron Public Schools at the Akron Alternative Academy, North High School, and Akron Juvenile Detention Center (2014-2016). In conjunction to this assignment, I started an evening server assignment for my local country club that has been utilized as a way to make one of my largest personal travel goals of visiting French Polynesia a reality in 2017 and I am still active in this role with four years of service. The time period of 2016 through the present has been a time of great growth and great fulfillment. At that time I had accepted an opportunity to work in a school that has grown my perception of teaching into a more arts-infused approach to appeal to the numerous learning styles, and this is where I have used my creative nature to develop a themed algebra video series and several scenario projects. I tested the waters with online tutoring in February of 2018. At that time, little did I know that I would have nearly 500 sessions completed to this present day and I am truly amazed at the impact that online tutoring can have. It is an honor to be a part of success stories nationwide and I look forward to working with students in helping them to persevere in making their dreams tomorrow's reality.



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