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Hello World,

EL-Shawn Wheeler here!

I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Studies at St. Johns University, Queens New York. I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences at CUNY Brooklyn College.

My primary goal is to engage the field of Environmental Engineering. I believe that this multidisciplinary field crosses many relevant problems and can offer to them, many solutions. From the basic ethical issues regarding the cleaning of waters in Flint Michigan, to the new concerns of international Climate Change we see on the horizon. Each facet is connected to the foundations that can be found in the most basic fundamentals of learning. It really is all connected!

In my quest, I have discovered that knowledge is power. This power can be a major key not only for time and financial freedom, but to also unlock deeper mysteries connected to presentation of oneself to the public, life skills for career paths, charisma for introduction and professional networking, and so much more. In my personal journey, I have also found that the process of learning new things and marrying them to conventional ideas and theories can be fun. It's always rewarding to meet the set objective, but the process required to build up to that is where the fun and value thereof truly lies.

My humble mission on this platform is to help you, the student, in collecting the necessary tools for success within the school walls and beyond. An apropos secondary goal is to help you, the student, see the fun in learning new subject matter as it forms into a very personal and versatile tool for all-rounded success. Looking forward to working with you soon.

Happy Learning!

"Science is Organized Knowledge, Wisdom is Organized Life."
--Immanuel Kant



Brooklyn College of the City University of New York

Earth and Environmental Science


St. John's University - New York

Environmental Studies






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