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I began tutoring local elementary and middle school students during my senior year of undergraduate studies at Brandeis University, where I focused on helping students improve their math, science and English/literary comprehension skills. After graduating with my B. S. in Biology (Pre-Med Track) from Brandeis University, I worked as a tutor and academic advisor for a NY-based company called IvyLink, where I provided prep school and college admissions assistance, as well as academic tutoring and standardized test prep. To that end, my professional experience as a writer and editor afforded me the opportunity to help students hone their writing skills; ensuring that their college or prep school admissions essays stood out to admissions officers.

I also began tutoring students on a private basis--including those diagnosed with ADD and other learning or behavioral disorders--and some of these individuals have been students of mine for nearly four years.

I customize each session according to a student's particular needs that day, which include but are not limited to assistance with homework, projects and exam studying particularly in ELA, algebra, geometry, basic trigonometry, high school-level chemistry, college-level anatomy & physiology, advanced biology, high school-level social studies, and high school-level earth and life sciences--as well as state ELA & math exam test prep, and NY State Regents Exams. For those students who particularly struggle to keep up with the material, I come up with games and practice exercises for us to do together, as a way of engaging them as well as targeting and strengthening their problem subject areas. In addition to my Bachelor of Sciences degree, being a professional, published writer (for multiple magazines and institutions) qualifies me to tutor college-level English and literary studies.

As someone who is deeply passionate about education and the gift of learning, my goal is to ensure that every student realizes his or her full potential--and there is no greater feeling than the satisfaction in witnessing a student finally grasp the material. This requires patience, as well as the ability to engage each student in a way that stimulates their curiosity and critical thinking. I achieve this by encouraging as many questions as possible, and I find that the one-on-one nature of each session provides the ideal, personalized environment for this kind of open dialogue and inquiry-based learning.

In addition to passion and patience, being a great tutor also requires empathy, creativity, and the ability to remain both personable and approachable, yet focused--and these are all qualities that I value and strive to maintain. I look forward to working with you.



Brandeis University

B.S. in Biology (Pre-Med Track), Film Studies




Awards & Honors


Critics Academy Finalist


First Pre-Med Student to Major in Film Studies


Dean's List


Year-long independent research in biotechnology

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