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Chishun Huang

Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 tutor

... 3 hours tutored
location Fresh Meadows, NY
education Stevens Institute of Technology
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About Chishun

I have been a private tutor for public and private high school students since I retired from position of Math professor in Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, New York in 2009. Before then, I taught
computer science in New York Institute of Technology. I also taught in New York public high schools for 2 years. I know the best way to enhance your Math and Physics capability. I will not only help you understand the concepts of these subjects but also reinforce your understanding by appropriate practices. whether it be a regular school course or a specific exam such as AT, AP or Regents, my heuristic and highly efficient teaching method will help you achieve your highest scores in the shortest period of time.
The following are what my previous students said about me:
1.Michael C: I have ADHD. I had Dr. Huang tutor my math since I was in my 7th grade.
He treated me with a lot of patience. He helped me get into Bronx High of
Science. He tutored all my high school Math and Physics, SAT Math
(Level 1 and 2) and AP Calculus. Last September I got into Department of
Sports Management of NYU. I think, if not impossible, it would be difficult
for me to achieve what I have without his help.
2.Brandon K.:I had Dr. Huang as my math tutor since I was in 8th grade.He helped me with
all my math, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, PreCal, Calculus, SAT Math,
SAT Math Level 2, AP Calculus. I entered NYU with 100% free tuition last September.
I am grateful for all the help he gave me.
3.Isabella W.:I have attended private schools in Manhattan. I had Dr. Huang as my tutor
since I was in 7th grade. He helped me with all my Math courses, SAT Math
(level 1 and 2), AP Calculus. I am going to college this September.
It is highly probable that I may go to Stanford University.
4.Belinda L.: I had Dr. Huang tutor my SAT Math (level 1 and 2) and I got perfect scores for
both of them. This was 3 years ago and the SAT math was much more complicated
than it is now. I am now in Brown Medical School. Dr. Huang is really a
capable tutor. He made me understand the concepts first and then go further to
master the applications.
5.Sally C.: I went to Stuyvesant High School(The best high school in New York City school
system). I would like to boost my Calculus grade. So, I asked Dr. Huang to tutor
my Calculus and AP Calculus in a public library. Then, amazingly I got the
highest grade in the class. The way Dr. taught Calculus was very easy to
understand and he actually taught me some strategies which was not learned
in any US high school. Eventually, I was accepted by Notre Dame University.
I am now on my way to become a medical doctor.
6.Anne L: I have Dr. Huang tutor my SAT Math and I got a score of 790. Then I asked him to
tutor me on SAT Math level 2 and I got a 800. He also tutored my Calculus from
Hunter Prep High School. and I got a A+. Later on I was admitted to Wharton
Business in University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Now I am on my way to
become an economist.
7.Eugene H.: while I was attending Queens College a couple of years ago, I had some problems
with College Calculus including Vector Analysis, Ordinary and Partial Differential
Equations. So I went to Dr. Huang and he helped me a lot. I am on my way to become
a high school math teacher.
8.Alex K.: I am a private high school 10th grader and I have Dr. help me since I started my
8th grade learning algebra. I have been on the top of the class as far as math
is concerned. He always uses methods very easy to understand and then migrates into
more difficult but similar topics. For example, when I dealt with the rational
expressions, he first strengthened all my basic skills of dealing with fractions in
arithmetic. Then he just naturally extended all the basic concepts to similar operations
of rational expressions. It became so easy to understand. I am not now on the top of my
math class and my classmates treat me like a teacher assistant.
9.Kevin Y.: about 5 years ago, I was attending Bronx High School Science, my grade in
Calculus were not that great because my math teacher already obtained the tenure
and he hardly taught anything in class. So I found Dr. Huang in a local
newspaper. He helped me do the home work in Calculus and prepare me for AP
Calculus. Later I was admitted into Stone Brook State University. I am on my way
to be a medical doctor.
10.Alice W.: I went to Dr. Huang for help in SAT math because Math is not favorite topics
for me and I already took SAT math twice and the scores were pretty low
(highest score was 610). But my SAT English score was pretty good. I almost
wanted to give up because I just didn't have any sense of math. Then my father's
friend happened to know Dr. Huang so I went to him for help. After 4 months of
learning from Dr. Huang, my score went up to 720 and later on I was admitted to
Queens College. I am graduating this summer and I want to become a registered


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