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My passion for teaching stems from my own fascination with the world around me and the opportunity to share new possibilities through learning. I have considered myself an educator my entire life and have worked in classrooms and other educational settings for over 10 years, with experience working as working as a Personal Tutor, 6th Grade English Teacher, Learning Specialist, Grammar Teacher and Teaching Associate for grades K-12. Having taught a variety of students of various levels, I strive for students to take risks, follow their own curiosities and passions. In most traditional schooling structures, student interest and teacher passion is often complicated by external pressures, classroom environment, etc. As a tutor and educator I work to break down barriers of misconception by offering individual direction and explicit critical thinking strategies for the whole child. I follow an ambitious teaching philosophy that even that most complex topics can be broken down in tangible, meaningful ways. Having extensive experience working with students with learning disabilities alongside the most intellectually gifted, I target student need - whether it be fiercely following an intellectual pursuit, improving reading accuracy or fluency, developing systems for organization, growing an interest in literature, offering concrete writing technique or seeing the possibilities of a mathematical problem. With a background in the visual arts and degree in English Education, I specialize in helping students develop a discourse, follow their curiosities and create ownership over their own pathway for learning. I specialize in tutoring subjects of humanities, arts, sciences and mathematics. My vision for student growth and opportunity is ever-expansive and passionate!



Michigan State University

English Education




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