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Aaron Hope

Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 tutor

location Brooklyn, NY
education Brooklyn College of the City University of New York
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About Aaron

Hi, my name is Aaron, and I am a graduate of Brooklyn College with a major in Chemistry. My expertise and vast experiences are in Algebra (I and II), Elementary Math, General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry I & II (especially the first semester). I myself, like many other students, have struggled with math and science during my years in grade school and had to resort to teaching myself in order to pass my classes. Hence I am fully aware of the frustrations involved in not grasping a subject as easily as you might wish. My experiences in Chemistry goes well beyond the classroom, as I was a Biochemistry Research Assistant for four years, so I can relay examples to you well beyond the scope of the textbook and classroom if it will help complement your understanding of the coursework.

My practical background and unique perspective has allowed me to help many students excel in areas of Math and Chemistry as they've found my instruction to be more insightful and holistic than what they’re learning in the classroom and textbooks.

My tutoring methods entail a straightforward approach to troubled topics or any other conceptual areas students aren't particularly comfortable understanding. I can also help curb an understanding of concepts more than just learn how to memorize terms and a set of rules.

Thank you in advance for the consideration and I look forward to helping you excel in your subject!


Brooklyn College of the City University of New York






Algebra 1
Algebra 2


Organic Chemistry

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