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When tutoring students, my ultimate goal is to help instill awareness of the larger picture which underlies any subject matter we cover. Through this technique, they will learn to understand how details fit together in context and how to other subjects, as interdisciplinary awareness comprises part of my teaching philosophy.

On a more goal-directed level, this approach applies to test taking because questions on tests do not gauge your interest or passion in the material, but rather they measure whether your pure knowledge of a subject measures up to the standards set by the test maker. If I can help students understand the purpose of the question being asked or the reason behind learning something in a class, it will stick with them and lead to better performance in the future as well.

I completed my undergraduate Bachelor's Degree at Columbia University in 2014 with a Major in American Studies and a Concentration in Music. My classes ranged from english courses about beat generation writers to courses on the history of intellectual philosophy in the United States. I studied western and non-western musical traditions and also developed my performance and compositional techniques in pursuit of my degree in Music. I work as a musician, composer and producer in several music projects and perform regularly in New York City in jazz, rock and hip hop groups. Additionally, I work in post production sound and music for film when not tutoring.



Columbia University in the City of New York

American Studies, Music




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