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Nuhirath Rafthia

Algebra 1 and Common Core tutor

location Bronx, NY
education New York University
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About Nuhirath

Throughout my student tenure, I have taken part in a variety of wonderful teaching opportunities that enabled me to connect with a variety of students.
As one of the top performing students in a variety of classes, I was chosen among my peers to help my teachers create lesson plans, organize and grade assignments. This is where I first got a hands on experience with teaching.
From there on, I have worked with entire elementary and middle school grades. I am proud to have been able to aid these curious students in a wide variety of subjects, from math to reading to the sciences and even to history.
I have also aided eighth graders in their high school application process. My intention was to make this ride go more smoothly for these dedicated eighth graders. I taught them specific high school entrance exam materials and gave them an insight into the high school life to help them prepare beforehand.
I have even been successful in creating a club at my high school, the SAT club, in which I dedicated after school time to help fellow peers augment their SAT scores.
Last but not least, I have tutored at two renowned companies - one being Chegg Tutors and the other being Khan's Tutorial in NYC where I was able to tutor dozens of students. These tutoring companies can be very expensive, so I decided to open a tutorial where I can directly reach out to parents and students to offer tutoring services at a much more affordable rate.
As some last words, I truly enjoying teaching because I sense a great deal of value in helping others. It is even more welcoming to work with younger students because I have been through that stage once in my life. As a student who took part in a specialized early college initiative program offered at my high school and from there on continuing to one of the best colleges at a renowned field of study, I want to connect with younger students and bring them to great levels of success as well.


New York University


Software Engineering




Algebra 1
Common Core
Elementary Math

Test Preparation



English (K-8)
High School Level English

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