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Hello math enthusiasts!

My name is Matthew, and I’m delighted that you’ve chosen to view my profile in your quest for a higher level of mathematical understanding.

Please indulge me while I take a moment to describe a little bit about myself, my background in mathematical education, and my affinity for the subject overall.

I’ve taught and tutored both college and high school level mathematics for nearly a decade. I’ve mastered my craft in educating all kinds of students, whether it is the complacent student who just wants to pass, or the over-achieving student who wants to comprehend the theoretical foundations underpinning the methods presented by the instructor. Regardless of the category that you or your child belongs to, I’ll be able to assess, diagnose, and remedy any mathematical complications that he or she might have. It usually takes me just a few minutes to see how a student receives mathematical knowledge.

For example, some students are stronger in algebra and necessitate a strictly algebraic approach to solve a problem. Others require graphical representations of the mathematical concepts, in which case I enjoy explaining these ideas using pictures and diagrams. I harbor a vast amount of mathematical knowledge that allows me to explain solutions to problems in the most effective manner possible, even if I’m unfamiliar with the technique or strategy presented in the lecture. Regardless, I’ll be happy to meet you or your child in the middle.

I am patient, approachable, understanding, and flexible. I tend to execute a paced-style teaching technique which minimizes stress and encourages a strong interpersonal relationship between the student and tutor. I believe mathematical information is poorly received under stress, and it has always been my mission to reduce such uncomfortable feelings for the student I’m teaching.

I’m qualified to teach a vast array of subjects, including by not limited to the following: Calculus (any level), Differential Equations (ordinary & partial), Linear Algebra, Statistics, Precalculus, Algebra (college & abstract), Geometry (analytic & synthetic), and Trigonometry.

By the end of our session, I promise that you will leave with a comprehensive collection of neat notes along with a greater understanding of mathematics.

I charge $40 per hour. Please consider me as your tutor. You won’t regret the experience.



University of Rhode Island



Lyndon State College

Pure Mathematics






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Rite L. Bole Award

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