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Lucianna Silvestri

ESL/ESOL and Spanish tutor

location Newark, NJ
education Drew University
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About Lucianna

Hello! My name is Lucianna and I am a dedicated Spanish tutor. I studied at Drew University and graduated with a major in Spanish, and double minor in Italian and Linguistics with a focus on Neuroscience. I also have taught ESL and Italian; I am very used to teaching languages and connecting with students. Since studying neuroscience I have learned many ways that students can learn and how language functions in the brain. I adapt my teaching methods to the student so that they learn the material and benefit from it. Besides teaching languages I also study them. Not only do I understand how to teach them, but I also understand the student's perspective, as well.
Fun facts:
I am learning French and Korean.
I also am a Yoga teacher. I enjoy most teaching Yin Yoga.
I love dancing salsa and tango.
I practice Muay Thai.

My experience teaching ESL:
I have tutored ESL since I was in high school. But in college I volunteered at The Morristown Neighborhood House where I taught ESL there for four years. I became the head of the teachers and I made sure the other classes were running smoothly, as well. I implemented a grading system, lesson plans, and the over all course for each level. From there I tutored ESL at a night school in Newark, where I did the same thing.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me.
Thank you,


Drew University


Spanish with a minor in Italian and Linguistics with a focus on Neuroscience







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