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************PROFESSIONAL SYNOPSIS************
**Typical Overall Increases in Student Scores: +250 - 600 (Old SAT), +150 - 300 (New SAT), +5 - 9 points (ACT), +6 - 20 points (GRE). Multiple students have received perfect 800s + 36s on ALL sections of the SAT & ACT.
**Holder of 99th Percentile (Top 1%) Scores on ALL sections of the SAT, ACT, & GRE.
**Full time Professional Tutor & Test Prep Specialist for the SAT, ACT, & GRE (ALL sections).
**10+ years of experience with 10,000+ hours in 1-on-1 lessons, classes, & workshops for the SAT, ACT, & GRE.
**80+ Testimonials - more reviews than the combined staff at most test prep centers
**State-of-the-art curriculum, featuring battle-tested techniques & high-yield methods for every section & question type on the SAT, ACT, & GRE.
**Scholarships & Acceptances of prior students: Princeton, Columbia, UPenn, NYU, UMass, UMich, Johns Hopkins, William & Mary, Rutgers, Wesleyan, Northeastern, & many more.
**High demand: I regularly receive online tutoring requests from all corners of the US & even have online tutoring requests for the SAT, ACT, & GRE from as far away as Dubai, Switzerland, & Bolivia.

**********RATES AND POLICIES*********
A) RISK-FREE TRIAL - I offer an initial trial session up to one hour in length. This first hour is billable ONLY if you wish to continue tutoring afterwards. Otherwise, it’s free.
B) ALL necessary practice tests, books, work packets, & study plans will be provided BY ME AT ZERO COST.
C) Rates for SAT/ACT/GRE Prep: $100/hr. For every confirmed referral that results in at least 2 tutoring sessions, you are entitled to a free one hour lesson.
D) Rates for other subjects, including Essay Writing: Please inquire.

Ten years ago, I taught my very first SAT class, substituting for a certified high school teacher & highly experienced test prep instructor. At the end, I overheard one student tell her friends as they left the room: "For the first time since I started this class, I actually get this stuff. I wish we had this new teacher earlier. Hope he stays." Her friends nodded in emphatic assent. From that moment, I have been hooked on teaching.

The best test prep firms in NJ - Integrated Educational Services (IES), Summit Prep (formerly Ivy Plus), EMBRACE Tutoring - have recruited me to teach students, train staff, develop curriculum, & design cutting-edge techniques to give our students a commanding lead. In addition to what I did for those companies, I have created several more which I use in my private practice. My students will get the best techniques on the market, most of which are unavailable anywhere else.

With a dual background in Writing/Literary Arts and Engineering, I specialize in ALL sections of the SAT, ACT, & GRE - Math, Reading, & Writing (&, for the ACT, Science as well). Most tutors only tutor effectively in one section, but I have successfully taught, scored well in, & developed highly effective techniques for all of them.

Learning English and Math material for the SAT, ACT, & GRE is VERY different from learning it for a quiz or test in school. You need to think on your feet & approach the material differently in order to perform efficiently under high-stakes conditions with time limits.

For a tutor who can teach you those things, high school teachers & college professors of Math and English are NOT substitutes. I have done this successfully for many years, & can teach you many things you won't learn from school, college, or test prep books.

*************HOW I TEACH / CONDUCT LESSONS*************
1) The student completes an assignment/test prior to the session.
2) During the session, we identify specific weaknesses & errors (i.e. setting up an equation, reading for main idea, comma usage, writing a stronger thesis statement, etc.)
3) For each weakness, I teach any relevant concepts ALONG with the most effective strategy to produce the desired effect.
4) I have them apply that material OR fix their mistake on their own to "put it all together" & prove what they have learned.
5) I reinforce each lesson learned during the session with targeted homework assignments to provide deliberate practice.
6) Repeat from Step 1.

In essence, you will:
A) Focus on YOUR Weaknesses - No learning what you already know. Every minute is high-yield & 100% relevant to your individual needs.
B) Be Actively Engaged the Whole Time - No passive learning. Very little lecturing. You learn by doing specific tasks relevant to your goal, learning from your mistakes, & applying what you learn.
C) Receive Practical Help - No vague tips. No general philosophy. No one-off tricks or needless gimmicks. Only content combined with concrete, applicable, step-by-step strategies.

***If you have any other questions for me, please don't hesitate to ask in your inquiry. Thank you for your business!



Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Biomedical Engineering


University of Denver

Liberal Arts, Writing, and Literature






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