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Shri Deshaies

Nursing tutor

location Charlotte, NC
education University of Phoenix

About Shri

Hi I'm Shri! I am an Adjunct Professor in Nursing looking to help students achieve their goals of becoming a nurse. I am an experienced ICU nurse with many years of teaching experience. My first job out of nursing school was in cardiac nursing, and from there quickly moved to the Surgical and Trauma ICU. During that time I precepted many new nurses until a terrific opportunity came along to become the Assistant Nurse Manager of this unit. I worked in this position until another fantastic opportunity opened up in Staff Development, which is the Education Department for the entire hospital, to create and teach a Critical Care Residency program for newly graduated nurses. I taught classes in Cardiac care, Respiratory care, and Neurological care for critical care nursing. I also taught clinical instruction for nursing students for the local Nursing school and tutored in NCLEX prep classes.

After moving several times over several years, I am now settled as an Adjunct Professor at a local Nursing College teaching first semester lab classes, which involves classroom instruction and lab skills instruction. I often offer review in medical surgical nursing during Simulation Debriefing sessions. I have a certification as a CCRN-K, which is a designation as a Critical Care certified nurse educator.
As a student I was drawn to critical care nursing because it is the perfect marriage of understanding anatomy, pathophysiology, and pharmacology. I know how to study and I feel I can help students learn the study skills they need to be successful. I also know nursing science and I am a valuable asset to my nursing college because I am patient with students and I know how to teach difficult content in a simplistic manner. My goal is to help the student learn these skills so they don't need me for very long.


University of Phoenix


Nursing Education


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