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Karima Smaw

Algebra 1 and Common Core tutor

location Waldorf, MD
education Morgan State University

About Karima

Hello and thank you for choosing me as your child's tutor! Let the journey begin! My full name is Karima Al-Bari Smaw, however please call me Ms. A. I am currently working with Prince George's County Public Schools, Bowie High School, as a certified teacher and coordinator of the Construction Design Management academy. I was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Prince George's County. After graduating from Suitland High School's University High School program in 2003, I majored in Civil Engineering at Morgan State University. I graduated from MSU with a BS in Civil Engineering and also a full time position with Clark Construction LLC in 2008. I am a mother of two beautiful girls and as a parent, I understand that sometimes you need to think out of the box to find other resources for your child's education.

During my enrollment at MSU, I worked in several programs dedicating my extracurricular time to middle and high school students tutoring them in both Math and Science. Tutoring youth and giving back to my community filled my heart with joy which led me to pursue an entirely different career path. Becoming a math teacher was my initial goal, but today I am proud to be in the leadership role and teacher position that I have today.

Extensive understanding of mathematics concepts and a strong ability to convey information to struggling undergraduate students
Ability to provide tutoring in a variety of math courses (Grades Pre-K Junior college)
Has excellent interpersonal skills and works well with others on a one on one basis
Strong ability to model problem solving skills as a peer tutor
Great social communication abilities
Strong verbal and written communication abilities
Strong knowledge of all content areas and courses specific to test preparation strategies (including SAT Prep, ACT Prep)
Deliver classroom lectures on math concepts.
Provide one-on-one or small group tutoring to students.
Provide students with adequate opportunities to practice skills that have been taught.
Conduct examinations and graded test papers.
Evaluate student’s progress on periodic basis.
Involve students in discussions and practice quizzes.
Maintain safe environment organized and safe.
Teacher of AutoCAD and Revit software
Teacher of architecture design

At each trial session, I will conduct a learning style inventory. This will assist me in knowing how your child learns. I will use textbooks from the child's school, the web, visual aides, verbal and written examples to help my students and other tools necessary to increase learning. When utilizing the web and visual aides I will ask for parent permission to link to their WiFi in order to use the internet. I understand some children can be shy at first. Don't worry I am very patient in waiting for your child to warm up to me. I like for your child to be comfortable so that they can benefit from the session.

Student Daily Practice:
I believe in the Mantra "practice makes perfect". Because practice is important, I like to partner with parents to make sure all practice assignments are completed. This will improve the student's learning through retention, increase their short term memory and eventually become concepts they can recall without prompting.

To best meet their needs, please encourage your student to verbally explain to me when they do not understand a concept during the session. It's okay that they don't understand. It's fun and exciting for me to help them learn. The parent's involvement + your child's efforts x Ms. A's Session, will = Your Child's Success!


Morgan State University


Civil engineering


University of Maryland - Eastern Shore


Career and Technical Education




Algebra 1
Common Core
Elementary Math
Linear Algebra

Test Preparation

ACT Math
SAT Math


ACT Math


SAT Math



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