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Hello everyone! I have my bachelors and masters in biomedical science with 8 years of tutoring in various subjects. I am in a masters program currently for nurse practitioner. I have tutored in all ages aside from ACT, Biology, MCAT prep, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, NCLEX, GRE, SAT, I also tutor many adults in ESL and returning students. I also have taught 3 year old children for the gifted and talented program and reading. I have experience with ADHD students. I would love to work with you and your family regarding any tutoring!

I am a tutor who uses various and new approaches to teach a subject matter. If I realize one method is not working, I will turn to others and to my colleagues. If I feel you would work better with a different person, I will tell you. I truly believe having a good tutor is about having a good match. I think that everything can somehow be made interesting or be made applicable to your life. For instance, I have a student who works for the NBA and I make sure to apply many math questions to basketball, by use of averages and in english referring to great players. This is a simple method of allowing someone to use the brain they have that has all these new recent memories of something, rather than diving into their brain bank and trying to think of who Franklin D. Roosevelt was, for instance. I create a lot of my material, meaning I bring together various things that I think will be helpful to give students at home work too. After I explain something, I ask the student to explain it to me as well and they become the teachers. This keeps them active in the learning process and ensures that the learning step has occurred rather than just temporary storage of information. In order to teach, one has to be fascinated with the human brain leading one to study the brain and how it functions in terms of learning.

It is my utmost goal to benefit the students I work with. While this is a huge part of my career for me, I will gladly tell a student if they don’t actually need an extra session and they just need to sit alone and take practice questions or re-read a chapter actively. You can reach me at any time and provide fast responses. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule a lesson.



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