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Phil Circle

Guitar and Music Theory tutor

location Chicago, IL
education Columbia College Chicago

About Phil

I'm an award-winning musician, writer, and coach, with a lifetime in the arts and nearly 30 years as a music coach to adults and pros from every musical background and style.

For the last 4 years I've been Rated among the Top 12 Music Coaches in Chicago, home to the most Grammy-winning "band" (the CSO), the home of Jazz and the Blues, birthplace of Gospel and House, Liz Phair and the Pumpkins, and truly one of the most vibrant cities for music in the nation and world.

My students include anyone and everyone from beginners to pros. My approach begins with the understanding that everyone has unlimited potential, we just want to bring it out. For guitar, there's a focus on taking the mystery out of the fretboard. For voice, there's a focus on developing the unique qualities of the voice. For everyone, there's going to be work on the whole artist.

Every lesson is tailored to the student's needs, while also making certain they have a solid foundation of skills and the best mindset for learning music. Guitarists will develop a total understanding of their instrument with the skills necessary to approach any style they enjoy. Vocalists can expect to expand their vocal and interpretive range through exercises and performance.

All my students are given theory as it applies to their instrument. That is, as we run into opportunities to explain and apply theory, we do so. There is also a wide application of recognizing patterns in music, applying the theory, then utilizing these patterns in improvisation. Each student's creative voice is encouraged, with the understanding that the more you understand music as a craft and art, the more fearlessly you'll be able to create with it.


Columbia College Chicago


Music Composition & Performance


Columbia College Chicago


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Music Theory

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