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Max Stewart

Common Core and English (K-8) tutor

location Chicago, IL
education University of Illinois at Springfield

About Max

Reading, despite being a major part of all aspects of, can be challenging for many students. Writing, despite being something many teachers expect students to master quickly, sometimes doesn’t come as naturally as it does. In both cases, I believe that I can help your student reach the goals and have a better grasp of the concepts they are being taught.
I specialize in teaching reading, writing, or history, although I can tutor math if that is needed. I can tutor any student from roughly first grade to around middle school. Specifically if a student needs help improving their reading comprehension or essay writing I can assist them in improving their skills.
I have a bachelor’s degree in communication, and although this degree was not specifically in education I feel it has been valuable to me as an educator. A key component of education is communicating effectively with students, and I learned several valuable skills that help me more effectively present information, both to groups and individuals.
I have worked for the past two years as a substitute teacher. Although a fair amount of this has been managing and teaching a class of 20 students or more I have also had to fill in for special education teachers. I feel that these experiences have prepared me the most for Tutoring. Most of that job was teaching in small groups, and helping students catch up on reading work they were behind on or needed some extra help with. In addition to my work as a substitute teacher I am also a licensed special education paraprofessional and will be starting work as one at the start of next school year.
I have also had extensive experience with students who have learning disabilities. As someone who has struggled with a learning disability myself I feel as though I am more able to empathize with students who are going through something similar and more patient with a student who learns in a different way or at a different pace than other teachers might be.
I look forward to helping students improve their skills and succeed.


University of Illinois at Springfield


Mass Media Communication




Common Core


English (K-8)
Essay Writing
Reading & Comprehension
Study Skills

Social Studies

U.S. History
European History
Government & Politics
World History

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