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Jonathan Reynolds

Sign Language tutor

location Honolulu, HI
education Gallaudet University

About Jonathan

You will have awesomely fun learning experience with me! I will able help boost your confidence in using sign language, expressively, using appropriate face expression, and appropriate movement, handshape, and location. I am a very qualified American Sign Language (ASL) tutor here. I just graduated Masters in Sign Language Education program at Gallaudet University 2021. I have gathered more resources and am able to give you more perspectives about diversity in sign languages here in America.

For tutoring skills, I know how to keep learning fun and I always leave ten minutes before the end of tutor hour to review what we learned together and you will be able to keep notes to bring home able to continue study and practice. I am able to work with any age from 8 yrs to 80 yrs old. I have past experience doing teacher assistance then became a full-time teacher. I have taught students at K-12, then college, and then outside organization with variety hearing parents have deaf children. So, I am very flexible and I am willing to work with any of you.

My personality; I do “ SUPER LOVE” teaching America Sign Language because it is my first primary language. I was born into the fifth generation of a Deaf Family. I am very proud of my parents, brothers, and sisters in my family. They're all awesome and we all use America Sign Language to communicate as our primary language. I have one hearing uncle and a younger brother. They both sign very well. Their presence in my life has influences who I am today and made me who I am. I enjoy sharing different perspectives include different humanities experiences to help you see bigger perspectives about individuals and communities of deaf/ Hard of hearing.

Please do go-ahead contact me here. We can discuss the best place to meet, time to schedule, and give me time to get to know your needs with schooling/ homework/ and so on. We'll use paper-pen or Ipad-texting back and forth to communicate when we meet in person. We can use written language to have clear communication between us. Thank you. I hope to hear soon from you.


Gallaudet University


Masters in Sign Language Education




Sign Language

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