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Soon to be Dr. Mack....I work with women and men who want to pass the NCLEX/LPN/CNA/APRN/HESI/MCAT & More Exams! Oh and we have TONS of fun in the process... I break content down so that you understand it better than a 5th grader with strategy~ Let's DO THIS!

I am almost always booked here as a #1 Tutor.. So do not wait.. book and request Me---Philisha Today!

Six Sigma- I am Six Sigma Black Belt
Quickbooks- Certified Online, Desktop
Social Media Marketing-FB, IG, YT
Content Development
Resumes- Guaranteed to get a Job.
Email Marketing- Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, Aweber
Google Suite- Google Classroom, Digital Products
Website Management/Design
Essay Editing
Budgeting/Finance- I have helped men and women get out of debt and save $.


I have a formula of success that is one of a kind that I HAVE A 100% PASS RATE THAT I HAVE CREATED OVER YEARS OF WORKING WITH CLIENTS!

I have over 12 years of experience as a nurse and educator and trainer. I coach nurses and professionals to success on the NCLEX and nursing professionals. I have a unique formula to work with clients from all backgrounds and ages online to get results. I have worked in critical care, telemetry, hospice, surgery and more. I am a best selling author and an avid YouTube with great videos teaching content on the platform, you may have even seen me online or at a conference locally or internationally. I am the owner of a Educational Company and Business and Marketing Firm.

If you are here for the NCLEX... Here is some info to get you started until we meet.

What is on the NCLEX exam?

The NCLEX will serve up between 75 and 265 questions. The number of questions received on the exam is determined in real time by the NCLEX exam software depending on performance. The exam covers various content areas, which are Physiological Adaptation, Management of Care, Safety and Infection Control, Health Promotion and Maintenance, Psychosocial Integrity, Basic Care and Comfort, Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies, and Reduction of Risk Potential. The following table shows the breakdown of the test and approximate percentage of how much each area is worth.

Distribution of Content

Percentage of Items from Each

Physiological Adaptation


Management of Care


Safety and Infection Control


Health Promotion and Maintenance


Psychosocial Integrity


Basic Care and Comfort


Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies


Reduction of Risk Potential




Why Choose Me?

My tutoring is developed and aligned with the test objectives. The tutoring that you will receive will always be focused on your needs with the following added benefits:

Tutoring sessions are based on students' schedule

Real exam content and exam questions.

Personal support you in your journey to passing your exam.

Research base test taking tips.

Diagnostic assessment session and study guide plan.

Unlimited email tutoring support.

Dedicated messaging anytime to ensure your understanding
And Much More!!!

Online Videos to reinforce content.

I have gained good experiences of how exam questions are written and how content is delivered on the exams. I took a systematic approach to develop an effective strategies for the updated exams.

Ireviewed the standards, domains, and competencies and organized content that are directly focused on the exams.

I have exam questions with various multimedia, such as charts, tables, graphics, and audio.

Why am I the best to get you to pass your exam?

I provide specialized tutoring focused on your exam.

I specialize in providing content mastery for the exam. I do not provide general tutoring services.

I focus on the exams everyday and keep content and material updated.
I have reviewed the test plans released by the Nursing Board, and we have devoted a robust review course that covers everything you need to pass.

Here are the additional benefits that you get from working from me here versus others.

Diagnostic Test/Assessment Session
In Class Quizzes
Progress Reports
Sessions With Practice Questions
Homework Assignments
Content Aligned to the Exam
Email Tutoring
Course Syllabus/Curriculum Based on Diagnostic Test
Similar Exam Questions
Weekly Online Tutoring Sessions if supported by your hours at your request

Flexible Schedule We work around your schedule for tutoring session

Personalized Instruction No cookie cutter tutoring

Organized Course Customize Syllabus/Curriculum Based on your learning style

Progress Checks We monitor progress to ensure a passing score will be achieved

Email Tutoring Support Communicate with tutors 24/7 with email tutoring support- no lag time

So what are you waiting for... Say Yes now so that you can scream yes after you pass... lets keep my 100% PASS RATE going strong!

The Nursing Tutor

PS. Don't worry if you are coming for me for one of my other subjects.. you will have just as much fun and just as much success. I just did not have enough characters here to brag about it... but hopefully.. you can see from above that you are in good hands.



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