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Samuel Reddy

ACT Writing and ACT Math tutor

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education American University
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About Samuel

I work primarily with two types of students.

Students that are scoring 21+ on the ACT and would like to score 25+ on the ACT to boost their chances of getting into a public university or liberal arts college.

The second type of student I work with are those scoring 25+ and are looking to secure a 28+ to get into a higher tier public university.

The third type of student I work with are those scoring a 30+ looking to get into a top public university with scholarships or those looking to get into an Ivy League school or similar.

I work primarily with Korean, Caucasian and Native American students. I have helped students from Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Buckhead, Duluth and Roswell. I work with students from Westminster, Pace Academy, GACS, Atlanta International School, Wesleyan and Rivers Academy. I work with swimmers, lacrosse players, wrestlers and soccer players.

Many of my students have scored a perfect 36 on all sections of the ACT. These students have subsequently gone on to Harvard, Yale, Duke, Princeton, Dartmouth and the University of Chicago.

Scheduling and booking me as a tutor is a guaranteed safe bet for your son or daughter. As long as they are a bit motivated, I can push them in the nicest way by my belief that they are capable after just a few lessons to get an understanding of their level.

I hope you choose me as the next valuable resource for your son or daughter. I guarantee it will be money well spent. I am straightforward and direct with my approach, tailoring it to fit a student's needs. I do not time waste, circumlocute or needlessly assign work. I am kind, patient and dependable. My communication is excellent and you will be provided with a lesson report after every lesson along with any questions that need to be answered. Please choose me as your son or daughter's next tutor. Others may have more impressive resumés than mine, but none of them are as thorough and competent as I am across all subject areas. My resources and materials are the best bar none. I have the latest test transcripts and exams that cannot be found anywhere else. I frequently use tablets and powerpoint presentations to present topics to my students. The online tutoring platform I use is the best and has won me rave reviews from my students.

Here's to getting your son or daughter getting into private school or their dream college/university par excellence.



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ACT Writing
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