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Lisa Mills

Biology and Life Sciences tutor

location Clarkston, GA
education Thomas Jefferson University
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About Lisa

I received my Bachelor of Science from Cabrini College, with a concentration in Biotechnology in 2009. My coursework included a combination of biology and chemistry classes such as genetics, microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, and analytical chemistry. Concurrently, I began tutoring a middle school student and continued up until graduation. I focused mainly on strengthening his math and science skills but also assisted with essays and projects in his non-science classes.

In the fall of 2009, I began my pursuit of a Master of Science in Microbiology at the Thomas Jefferson University College of Biomedical Sciences. My coursework included microbial biochemistry, diagnostic microbiology, vaccinology, pathology and epidemiology. Due to my course load and working full-time as a research technician, I was unable to continue tutoring. Though it was something that I wanted to return to because tutoring gives me the opportunity to share my passion for science and teach the scientific process. I completed my thesis and degree in the spring of 2012.

Between graduating from my masters program and entrance into Emory in 2014, I continued to work as research technician, increasing my scientific knowledge base. Also, I was fortunate enough to publish my thesis work as well.

As a PhD student, I have served as a teachers assistant in biology focusing on organism form and function. The course was designed for undergraduate biology majors with major topics focusing on the biology of animals and plants, physiology, evolution and ecology. It was here that I realized how much I missed tutoring. While assisting a lecture hall full of students was fun, it was very impersonal. Since then, I have also assisted in a microbiology lab as well as provide science tutoring for undergraduate students.

Tutoring gives me the opportunity to learn about whom I am assisting, enabling me to assist in transforming their weaknesses into strengths.

I appreciate you taking the time out to learn a bit about me. I hope to hear to hear from you soon!


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