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I am a highly qualified, well-traveled professional with multiple degrees and a vast amount of teaching experience in a variety of subjects ranging from Math, Physics,Chemistry, Statistics to Computer Programming, Databases, Networking, Server and Security for Microsoft, CompTIA A+ and other recognized Certifications to SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT and other Test Preps, in addition to Mech Engineering subjects. Possessing Masters and Bachelors degrees in Science and Engineering, I could teach any of the above subjects up to and including the undergraduate level of education,.
I have over ten years experience in Teaching apart from over ten years as Mechanical and Computer Engineer. Over the past several years I have been teaching the above-named subjects at different Schools/Colleges/Career Institutes and also to students with disabilities such as autism and ADHD.
Additionally, I have held Leadership positions in Teaching and Training, being responsible for coordinating and conducting training at professional levels. Though I have also worked in other professions as earlier indicated, it is always the teaching jobs that have given me the most satisfaction over the years. The joy I derive of overseeing a student's successful passage through his study courses is immense. My students' success rates are very high, as large numbers of them have creditably passed their Science, Math and Computer courses even after their earlier unsuccessful attempts in other schools and institutes. This is indeed a great way to positively influence a young person's way of thinking regarding his future and life in general.
My strengths are my knowledge, keenness to constantly learn and update myself, patience and persistence towards a given or set objective. My teaching methods are by illustrations, hands-on lab where possible, practical examples and real life experiences supported by home projects. Information and Learning is always fun, filled with challenges and need to be treated as such. Right attitude to learning is half the battle won. Motivation to learn also plays a big part in a student's success. I believe in a lot of self-research and learning too, specially at the higher school and college levels, since academic excellence never comes easy. Invariably I go out of my way to motivate students to achieve academic excellence.



Florida Atlantic University

Computer Science, Mech Engg, Physics, Chem, Math




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