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Hi! My name is Dena. I can certainly relate to your plethora of feelings about nursing school. It is extremely demanding, challenging, and intimidating - particularly the first semester when you are beginning to acclimate to the transition from conventional high school and college courses. While traditional exams test recall and recognition and are knowledge-based, nursing exams test critical thinking, application, and analysis skills. This transition was extremely difficult for me. I vividly remember feeling as though my first exam in nursing school was written in a foreign language! It particularly baffled me that ALL of the answers on the test could be correct; however, the test administrator was always looking for the BEST answer.

Throughout nursing school, I developed various study and test strategies that allowed me to be successful and pass both nursing school and the NCLEX on the first attempt. My tutoring focuses on invaluable strategies to master NCLEX-style questions, common NCLEX "traps," and ways to avoid them. I am very eager to share those tips and tricks with you!

I earned my Nursing degree from Keiser University in Florida at the age of 25. I started my nursing career at a behavioral health facility immediately after obtaining my degree. After several months, I transitioned to a Medical/Surgical and Orthopedic unit in my county’s premier tertiary hospital. I specialize in Med/Surg, Orthopedics and Mental Health nursing; however, I am knowledgable and more than comfortable teaching all content areas in nursing. I can honestly say that, from the beginning of my career, I have always had a passion for teaching. My hope is to eventually become a Nursing Educator. My focus is to identify my students' strengths and weaknesses and use them to overcome their obstacles and help them accomplish their individual goals. I have come to the realization that a lack of confidence in their own knowledge and competency can be a student's greatest downfall. Ultimately, I want to be the source of inspiration and encouragement for my students.

I am very easy to contact and I will always provide quick responses. Please feel free to contact me with ANY additional questions or to schedule a lesson. Together, we can conquer both nursing school and the NCLEX!



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