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I am a certified math teacher with over 10 years of experience. My degree is in Quantitative Sciences (math + statistics). I love math and I love kids! My goal is to show students that

1) math can be fun! and,
2) they are math rockstars!!

I have taught math in elementary and middle school, and I have tutored high school math. As a math specialist, I often collaborated with teachers and families to create a strong support system for struggling students. This not only included math support but also study skills and executive function support.

I am a mother of three and my children attend a Florida Public Elementary School. I understand how helping your own children with homework, especially math homework, can be difficult and frustrating!! Having an outsider explain “the teacher’s way” or introduce a “new way” of solving a math problem can be very helpful and remove some of the angst and tension surrounding homework time.

This is my first year not teaching, and I miss working with children SO much! When I heard about heytutor, I saw it as a great opportunity to continue to share my passion for math as well as work with kids on a daily basis! I focus on the whole child, always trying to find new ways to connect what they are learning in the classroom to THEIR REAL WORLD (sports, hobbies, music, etc). I strive to meet each student where they are, focusing not only on the math but also on their overall confidence. Confidence is key in mathematics! Many of my students start the year off saying, “I’m afraid of math” or “I’m bad at math”. I know my job has been done when I finally hear them exclaim, “I love math! I used to think I wasn’t good at it, but now I know that I AM if I keep on trying and work really hard!”

A few other tidbits about me:
* I earned my gifted endorsement a few years ago
* I have extensive experience teaching Singapore Math (Primary Mathematics curriculum)

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you!



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