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I will be receiving my Bachelor's Degree from University of Central Florida is August of this year. My major is in Interdisciplinary Studies, which essentially means that I know a lot because I have studied many different subjects. I have about 10 years of working directly with students of all ages. I have tutored at local after school programs, worked with teachers in their classroom, worked as a reading interventionist, worked at learning centers.

I truly just love people and love to help others. It is my goal to help every student no matter what it is. I personalize my sessions for each student based on their individual learning goals and needs. I believe everyone is gifted and has the ability and potential to learn. It is all about finding what works best for that person. I may not be able to tackle every problem but I will definitely try my best.

I tend to do well in math courses. Reading courses. Writing courses. But I am in general open to teaching different subjects. Not just teaching different school subjects, but I am also interested in offering my clients techniques that they can take home with them to continue their journey to learn and succeed.

I plan to connect each student, that is interested, to my personal blog and website, which I am currently working on. There they can find more information on how to succeed.

Feel free to contact me if you are searching for a great and new learning experience.

Blessings and Wish you well.



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