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Tatiana Gray

Algebra 1 and English (K-8) tutor

location Deland, FL
education University of Central Florida

About Tatiana

My name is Tatiana! I am very passionate about teaching. Currently i am in Florida, Tutoring and Teaching at the Sunshine High School . I am an English native speaker from Florida I am very outgoing and fun person to learn from . I am currently enrolled at University OF Central Florida in pursing my Master's degree in education. .I have two years of teaching English experience both in a classroom and 1 on 1 tutor. i have been working for the past 3 years in different fields and administration . I really enjoy teaching students and meeting people from all around the world i am very patient and very optimistic. I have a Bachelor's degree of Arts in English from (UCF) University of Central Florida. I began as a volunteer teaching students in the U.S who were from all over the world including Brazil, Saudi Arabia and China. I visited countries such as France, Germany , United kingdom and many more ! My dream since I was young is to travel around the world and learn different cultures . i am very fun and outgoing . I love teaching !
My teaching style is very calm and professional.
The First 3 MAIN goals that we will need to focus . Will be
1) What do you already ?
2) what you would you like learn/?
3)What do you want to accomplish?
Then , I will plan a Lesson to help you feel more confident in the new environment and make it more fun.The more practice and lessons the better . You will definitely improve your skills with the techniques i will provide. While i teach you different strategies in a fun Environment . I will do my very best to make sure you are comfortable and accomplish your goals.
My experience as a classroom teacher in English has taught me how people learn the English language and different strategies that they use to feel more comfortable. I always try to engage each student by discussing universal topics and interest. I provide feedback and correct my students with any for errors .
I understand that my students are interested in learning to speak proper English and i strive to provide the best English learning environment as possible so that they can accomplish their goals. I uplift all of my students by instilling the confidence in their abilities.
I want to guide you and help you succeed on your goals .I want you to feel confident ! Most importantly ....happy !
Please contact me to better assist you ! :)
Looking Forward to meeting you! If you have any questions, i am here to help!


University of Central Florida


Education and Human Performance


University of Central Florida


business management




Algebra 1


English (K-8)

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