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I have worked with students in many walks of life for the last 8 years; with this tremendous experience comes an expertise in reading and assessing my students with ease and expedience and then designing a tailored learning plan just for them. One of the most important aspects of being a good teacher is the ability to adapt your teaching style. It’s very clear that not everyone learns the same way, and I pride myself in the ability to identify learning strategies and techniques that work!

On top of my adaptability, I communicate clearly and concisely and always clarify whether my students are fully understanding a concept or not. I find many students get frustrated in school because the teacher makes them feel like it’s their fault for not understanding a concept. I believe much to the contrary that if the student isn’t understanding, it is the teacher’s fault! If my student doesn’t understand a concept when I explain it one way, I’ll explain it a different way. If that still doesn’t work, I’ll figure out yet a different way. Clearly explaining a concept in the same way over and over, or more loudly it often seems, is not effective.

My main skills are in teaching actual learning strategies and test-taking strategies. This applies directly to the standardized college entrance exams, both the SAT and ACT, as well as to AP tests or general test taking strategies.

I am very strong in teaching writing and in getting the most out of students on their college essays. Both of my parents are academics which set me up to be a natural teacher and writer. I have a thorough background, with a degree from the honors writing program at USC, experience writing grant proposals and all types of essays, reports, and research papers.

I’m always happy to speak on the phone or via email to discuss your student’s needs.



University of Southern California

International Relations; Minors: Environmental Studies & Neuroscience




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