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Qualifications & Experience

I am a third-year college student majoring in Mathematics with a Concentration in Education for Secondary Teaching, and I am also currently working on a teaching credential. I have about 6 years of tutoring experience in both math and science (but mostly math).

Before I decided to become a math major, I was a civil engineering major and I've had more experience working in the civil engineering field than many college students do when they graduate from college. If a tutee happens to be interested in any engineering field, I have acquired knowledge and insight into several engineering careers over time (mechanical, electrical, civil) that I'd be more than willing to share with them if interested. I also happen to speak Spanish very fluently (I consider both English and Spanish to be my first languages).

Teaching has been a passion of mine since high school, but I never thought I would want to make a career out of it. And yet, here I am. I've tutored students ranging from middle school level all the way up to first-year college level.

Every subject I've specified I'd like to tutor, I have done exceptionally in. Aside from my own success in those courses, through tutoring other students in those subjects, I've learned better ways to relay course material to students. I enjoy math, but I enjoy teaching it even more.

I consider myself to be very patient and willing to work with students as much as needed. So if you're having trouble with any of the math courses listed, by all means contact me. I make it a priority to respond promptly to any questions you might have.



University of California - Irvine





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