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I am a fourth year Electrical engineering student at San Jose State University. I have taken many math classes from Pre-Algebra to Differential Equations. I have been tutoring young children since high school. I have more than 7 years of tutoring experience in math. Over the past 7 years I have taught children in elementary school, middle school, and high school.

I have also taught at Queen of Apostles summer school for 2 summers helping young children and teenagers. I also helped young children and also young teens when the children attended Day Care after school at Queen of Apostles. Queen of Apostles is a private school in the Silicon Valley that sends most of its graduates to schools like Archbishop Mitty, Saint Francis, Bellarmine, and Presentation.

I have tutored most math classes from Pre-Algebra to Calculus. While attending Archbishop Mitty I tutored students in Geometry and Algebra. I have also helped tutor second grade to fifth grade math at a local public school called Country Lane during the summer. I have experience in teaching math to young children to college students. Most of my students enjoy math after I have tutored them. All of my students that I have taught have received a B or higher in the classes I have tutor them in. My favorite classes to tutor are Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus.

When I came to college I did not want my helpful math teaching practices to go to waste, so I tutored many friends who were having trouble with their math classes. Math does not come easy to everyone. I was there for my friends and acquaintances that needed help studying for a midterm or just reviewing concepts for a math class.

I enjoy being a tutor and watching students grow to enjoy math. Math can be fun but one has to be determined to enjoy math and its beauty. Many people do not realize that math is one of the most important subjects in school since math is used on a daily basis.

My tutoring approach is a welcoming approach. I first start every tutoring section with a basic problem in the topic of discussion. When the students grasps the orders of operation of the problem, we will work threw more difficult problems in the same topic.

I will not move on until my student knows how to do the problem proficiently. While working threw problems I will provide guidance and simple step-by-step instructions so students can work threw the math problem with ease. I will provide helpful tips and tricks that my math and physics teachers in high school and in college have taught me. I am very patient with my students and will encourage extra practice in areas that are in need of improvement. I am tutoring to help the students become better at math, and help them realize math can be fun.



San Jose State University

Electrical Engineering






Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Common Core
Elementary Math


English (K-8)
Essay Writing

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