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Currently seeking a position as a teacher for a home-school pod!

Most recently employed as a Teaching Artist with Story Pirates LA, I have over 10 years experience creatively educating kids of all ages. I specialize in writing and performing & visual arts, however have spent a lot of time teaching just about every subject that exists. The students I have had the pleasure of working with have needed to cover wide range of subjects, and have come from all backgrounds, ages and abilities.

Additionally, working as a private tutor has allowed me to explore fun and exciting challenges. I started as a one-on-one tutor for high school students at the Writing Center of Princeton, primarily focusing on college test prep (from SAT to ACT, and AP in between), college admissions process (including the essay). Beyond tutoring this higher level of college-bound students, I am not limited to one age group, having tutored a younger range in primary & secondary grades.

Each student is absolutely unique, seeking their own distinct lens through which they are able to absorb information. I truly love (and excel at) this exact kind of problem-solving. What an honor to work with individuals collaboratively to figure out the most effective and exciting way for information to click and stick in their minds (whether one-on-one or in a group setting). I am an educator and compassionate human that is dedicated to this collaborative environment with my students ensuring learning works for them, too. Also, am familiar & comfortable with the Common Core guidelines, as well as alternative educational systems (such as Waldorf or Montessori schools) and adapt quite easily to the needs of one student or a room of them.

Beyond the usual subjects, I am a trained actor and teacher in the performing & visual arts, with experience in theatre, film acting, movement & dance and visual art (from watercolor to cute kid crafts).
Above all else, I have felt so lucky to be a part of the opportunities I've been offered, helping to create curriculum & connect to students from literally all over. It's provided me with immense gratitude and happiness.



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