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Prior to getting into selling myself to you all as a professional, I want to sell myself as a person. I am a total sports head, gamer, and writer. I love all sports, but most love football, basketball, and boxing. My favorite teams are the Philadelphia Eagles and Los Angeles Lakers, and my favorite boxer alive is Vasily Lomanchenko. As an avid gamer I play all sorts of genres and like to try out Indie joints as well as AAA games. My favorite game series is Fallout, with Dark Souls and Uncharted being close seconds. I have both PS4 and Xbox One S and use both as my primary means of entertainment with Netflix, HBO Go, and Hulu Plus. Finally, I am a writer of all things fictional. It is cathartic and a source of relaxation for me, as well as a tool to sharpen my writing skills. Overall, I'd like to think I am a fun, engaging person and easy to talk and relate to. I hope to come to know many of you personally.

I am a recent UCLA graduate with an eye toward acquiring a PhD in history. Although my specialty is Pre-Columbian Latin America, I am familiar with the historical process, methodology, and how those things translate to the page. I am proficient in both Chicago and AAS, as well as the standard MLA format. I know what is necessary for a proper history paper and can offer tips and resources helpful toward crafting an engaging and technically-sound paper.

In addition to my degree in history, I have a degree in Anthropology. I found this necessary early on because my field of study lacks written texts. Thus, we as scholars must dig deep into the human material past in order to learn about out subjects of study. Anthropology, more accurately archaeology, offers this perspective. As a result I am intimately familiar with dating methods, field protocol, archaeological theory and thought, and the literature discussing Latin American archaeology from the Southwest United States to the Andean South. I have knowledge of human origins from as early as two million years ago to the end of the last Ice Age, when our ancestors began populating the Western Hemisphere.

Additionally I have extensive proof reading experience as both a collegiate tutor and a freelance reader. I am open and am able to check for a wide variety of things such as grammar, spelling, style, accuracy, and helping to brainstorm with my client. I believe that certain things such as grammar, spelling, and style are fundamental to any writer of any discipline. Thus a mastery and/or acquisition of these concepts is translatable to just about any written form of communication.

That said, my specialties are Latin American history, United States history from the 1800s until present day, American political history, American Indian Studies/history, Religious Studies, Cultural Anthropology, Archaeological Theory, Archaeological Practice, and Biological Anthropology with an emphasis on human evolution, sexuality, and the peopling of the Americas.

As for my teaching experience, I worked at the Autry Museum of the American West as a Museum Teacher. My chief responsibility was to provide children and young adults with a dynamic and intuitive learning experience while at the museum. As such, I was in charge of entertaining and educating groups of students from various schools and age groups across L.A. County and beyond. I conducted afternoon gold panning lessons, hosted line dancing, arts and crafts, and other creative events, and gave tours of museum galleries to guests and their families. I also facilitated discussions on the rich diversity of California history, including the influence and contribution of African-American cowboys, women and migrants on the American West. Additionally, I participated in the Teachers Academy, an educational program that sought to support and equip California teachers with resources about the American West and California history with the goal of assisting them in creating lesson plans for their K-12 students. In my capacity as a Museum Teacher, I assisted the teachers in developing historically accurate, informative and engaging lesson plans for their students. Some of the lesson plans I assisted in developing included a course on California native plants, American Indian art, protest art, and the geography of the American West. Additionally, I have extensive tutoring experience working at Los Angeles Pierce College and freelance on various job boards at schools around the San Fernando Valley.



University of California - Los Angeles

History and Anthropology


Los Angeles Pierce College

History and Anthropology






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AEIOU Italian Culture Award

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