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Andrew Long

ACT Writing and ACT Reading tutor

... 25 hours tutored
location Manhattan Beach, CA
education University of Wisconsin - Madison
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About Andrew

Hey there! I'm a recent graduate from UW-Madison with extensive experience in leadership and all forms of communication. I've written and spoke in a professional and academic setting for 5+ years. I love interacting with and getting to know people, and have a knack for problem solving :)

My Communication Arts (Communication Science & Rhetorical Studies) degree afforded me extensive experience in a field of study which is a central component of our everyday lives and has grown dramatically in importance through the twentieth century and into the twenty-first. Communication plays an important role in personal relationships, social activities, politics, medicine, business, education, the law, and creative expression, and new communication technologies have given rise to a host of communication-based industries. The study of communication enriches students' lives as well as providing attractive career paths. Throughout my studies, I participated in communication-based group and individual research projects, public speaking, written communication (long-form essays, shorter form journaling/blog posts, and everything in between) and much more.

My experience with leading a student organization, Enactus, at UW-Madison provided me further opportunity to apply the communication knowledge I learned in class, while also giving me leadership experience and a view into the challenges associated with achieving a common goal with others.

Post-graduation, I worked in Chicago in the corporate HR area and held leadership positions in the non-profit volunteering organization WITS (Working In the Schools). The corporate experience allowed me to get a taste of the world of full-time employment and the pressures of an entry-level position. Ongoing written communication and analysis, collaboration, and taking initiative were all hallmarks of the positions I held.

WITS was really a life-changing experience, as it spurned a desire within me to teach and connect with younger individuals. In my involvement, I volunteered and read one-on-one or in small group settings with low-proficiency readers (elementary level) from various Chicagoland areas on an ongoing basis for roughly 1.5 years. My consistent involvement led to being invited onto their Associates Board, and getting involved with higher-level strategic activities of the organization.

Additionally, since graduation I have held a position on the UW Communications Arts Partners (CAPs) board. This has been a great way to stay connected to campus, undergraduate students, and be involved in the strategic decision-making and activities of the Department of Communication Arts.


University of Wisconsin - Madison


Communication Arts (Communication Science and Rhetorical Studies)



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ACT Writing
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