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I am a graduate from the University of California, San Diego, and recently obtained a Bachelor's of Science degree in Physiology and Neuroscience (March 2017). Throughout this time, I have worked in biological research for 2 years (cancer and gut microbiome, separately), teaching (biology, physics, calculus, chemistry), and clinical health care as an EMT for 2 years. I've also devoted my time to impactful health and environmental causes. Received multiple quarterly Provost Honors from UCSD. Author on two cancer research publications. My future plan is to enter medical school and pursue a career as a physician.

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When I tutor or teach, I like to incorporate everyone. I try my best to make sure every single person receiving my instruction understand the material at hand. I do this by approaching the same problem or concept in different ways, and if need be, I go back to earlier concepts to build a foundation. With that, I am able to build up to the concept or problem at hand so that the student understands all the necessary components needed to understand the problem. Along with that, I like to make sure I teach with passion and interest, as opposed to being a boring and monotonous teacher. I also have good ways of teaching students to remember key concepts or ideas, and this is part of how I teach with enthusiasm and fun. Overall, I have received positive feedback from many students, even those who said that they would never understand the material at hand.

I’ve branched out throughout my career, and can say that I have had many experiences that do not make me one-dimensional. I like to be active in my community in as many ways as possible, and sometimes, being a role model or leader is not about simply gaining good grades, but going out and making a physical change in the community you live in. To me, that community does not have to be restricted to where you live, but can expand to this entire earth that we live on. On top this, I love to pass this kind of knowledge around to others, because I believe that along with education, compassion and motivation combined with the necessary tools will ensure a students' success in and far beyond the classroom.



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Physiology and Neuroscience




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