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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my profile. Do you struggle with psychology concepts, terms, and theories? Do you need help brainstorming and writing stellar essays? Not sure how to write an excellent APA style paper? Having difficulty in your English writing or literature classes? Want to learn more about music theory and history? Need to improve your English writing and oral skills (ESL)? Want more direction in mandala artistry?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you've come to the right place!

I am a CSUF Psychology graduate, specializing in the areas of abnormal psychology, health psychology, psychology of personality, social psychology, clinical psychology, developmental psychology, theories and techniques in counseling, stress management, research methods in psychology, basic statistics, and computer applications in psychology. I am also dubbed the "APA writing expert" by many fellow peers. I have written and edited APA papers (whether in the subject of psychology, kinesiology, political science, health science, and many more) for almost 8 years now. If you hate writing APA style papers, or simply struggle with proper APA format and coming up with a good essay structure, I am here to help guide you and make APA writing fun!

Apart from being an expertise in the area of psychology, I also specialize in helping students in the area of music and art. Before I transferred to CSUF as a Psychology major, I attended IVC and studied general education and music (piano performance). I can help you in courses such as world music, basic music theory, music history and literature, and piano performance. I believe in being well rounded, thus my time at IVC allowed me to take a variety of courses, many of which I have become very comfortable and familiar with. I can assist ESL students in improving their English verbal, written, and oral comprehension. I also love writing and editing papers, so if you need help with that paper that's due for your English literature or creative writing class, I am your go-to tutor! I also have a special place in my heart for world civilization, culture and diversity, and sociology. I can help you gain a better understanding of the basics in such courses, as well as making learning enjoyable.

Lastly, if you need tutoring for art classes, I can be of assistance! I specialize in mandala artistry. If you need to come up with something for your art project, why not try designing mandalas? I find it therapeutic to draw them, almost zen-like.

Ah, and I almost forgot to mention. If you so happen to be interested in learning a second language, I am bilingual in English and Bahasa Indonesia/Malay! If you ever plan a trip to Indonesia (I know many of you out there are familiar with and love Bali), then have no fear, I can teach you Bahasa Indonesia. It's really not as wildly foreign as you may imagine!

So what are you waiting for? Feel free to contact me if you need a tutor in any of these subject areas. I take an integrative and eclectic approach to learning, which means I cater my tutoring style to your unique learning ability, as well as create and combine different techniques in learning to find the best fit for you to make learning easier, effective, and enjoyable!



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