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I tutor students in several subjects, including history, math, logic, English, and test preparation. In my experience, helping students organize related information and break down problems into simpler steps really aids their understanding of a subject. I also have experience teaching girls about science and nature at a summer camp in the Sierra Nevadas. There I observed that students learn best when shown how a topic relates to something which interests them.
As a student of linguistics, I have a deep understanding of English grammar and usage. I have taken many classes on syntax, logic, and semantics, which taught me skills I employ when writing or editing essays and articles. I greatly value clear and concise communication and strive to use precise grammar and vocabulary to clarify ambiguous information. I have experience editing professionally and extracurricularly. Additionally, I have been trained on Pearson Education programs designed to teach English literacy to speakers of other languages and struggling learners.
My passion for learning that extends well beyond the classroom. As a member of University of Washington’s Quizbowl team, I continuously study various historical events, scientific processes, and literary and artistic works. I also enjoy attending talks and events at my university. The past fall semester, I studied abroad in the Netherlands where I spent much of my free time visiting local museums and cultural sites. I am extremely curious and have knack for recalling information. Whenever I am presented with an unfamiliar topic, I make sure to research it. Seeing how things relate to one another aids my memory and helps me understand my place in the universe.
I am excited to use my talents and love of learning as your tutor!



University of Washington

linguistics, philosophy




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