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Songxuan Liu

Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 tutor

location Chula Vista, CA
education University of California - San Diego

About Songxuan

I am passionate about teaching, intrigued by problem solving, and I care tremendously about my students' academic growth. Before meeting with my students, I always prepare in advance whenever possible so I have a good understanding of what topic to teach and how I will teach it. When I am with my students, I have the patience and responsibility to help them step by step to achieve their academic goals. I am an outgoing person and I can communicate clearly regarding math, so I will create a motivating learning environment by making math both fun and challenging. I emphasize on true understanding of the knowledge and the ability to apply it, rather than just the completion of homework or good grades in a course. I train my students to utilize problem-solving techniques that improve efficiency. I will also encourage them to develop good study habits so they can complete assignments independently and effectively.

I currently work as the math instructor at Eye Level Learning Center of Poway, so I have experience in working one-to-one with students on various level of math.

I am very punctual so I will never be late for an appointment unless there is an emergency, in which case I will inform my students immediately. I have experienced a no call no show from a tutor as a child and to this day I still remember how frustrating that was. So I will never be that person. I also value the quality of my teaching, so I will take a job only if I am confident about the material.

Last but not least, learning math and solving math problems has given me incredible joy, and I hope with my help, my students can experience that too.


University of California - San Diego


Mathematics - Applied Science


Awards & Honors

Certificate of Fulfillment and Culmination (for public speech)




Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Elementary Math



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