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Edna Gary

Sign Language tutor

location Yuma, AZ
education Arizona Western College

About Edna

Hey, my name is Edna, and I am proud to be Deaf.
I am very nationally ASL and I do have my American Sign Language skills as measured by the ASLPI (American Sign Language Proficiency Interview). I can't wait to use American Sign Language with you, and I hope you’ll learn to love it! Have some coffee to drink together online!! Who loves coffee haha
Using online from zoom or/and google able to play ASL games! Fun! Such as Bingo, batterships, fingerspelling, and so on! Make sure to let me know what time and when you prefer.
I do have more than 5 years of experience with tutoring and love tutoring from children who have deaf sibling(s), after school ASL Club from 1 to 5 graders, and currently, college students learning American Sign Language from ASL 101, 102, 201, and 202. Also ASL tutoring to adults such as parents who have deaf child(ren) or for their degrees.
I used to work for Arizona School for the deaf and the blind as a paraeducator to help deaf student(s) to grow their American Sign language for more than 10 years: preschool to 12 graders with special IEP goals.
Currently, I am also Professor of American Sign Language at Arizona Western College for 3 years and know how to use Zoom, Google meeting, and Canvas online.
Please dial me! I can't wait to use sign language with you and help you learn this language for communication each other
Thank you for your time!


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Sign Language

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