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Cordell Wells

Algebra 1 and Common Core tutor

location Little Rock, AR
education Philander Smith College

About Cordell

Title I Math Aide 08/15 – 06/16
Premier High School, Little Rock, AR
• Assist teachers in checking daily goals to ensure work is being completed
• Motivate students for maximum learning
• Assist in maintaining discipline in classroom
• Participate in faculty and professional meetings, educational conferences, and workshops
• Inspire students with consistency, care, and interest to build students’ self-esteem
• Praise students, compliment them and encourage them in order to build character
• Utilize a variety of learning methods to enhance the students’ learning experience
• Perform special projects, during and after normal business hours, and other duties as assigned

Teaching Assistant 07/15 – 08/15
Philander Smith College, Student Tuition Assistance and Readiness Track Program
• Tutored students in Developmental Mathematics, College Mathematics, and College Algebra.
• Created answer keys for quizzes, tests, and homework
• Documented student attendance, behavior records, and lecture notes
• Insured the environment was academic friendly
• Made copies of homework and disseminated assignments to students.

Teaching Assistant 05/14 – 04/15
First Baptist Church Highland Park, Little Rock, AR
• Guided 5th, 6th, and 7th grade students through the new Common Core Standards.
• Used techniques that teach to the interest of the students.
• Visited school classrooms on a weekly basis to know what students are learning.
• Taught in depth techniques during school visits with permission of the teacher.
• Consulted with the parent(s) of student regarding good/bad learning progress.
• Assigned daily tasks to keep students involved and give them confidence for life

Assistant Curriculum Evaluation Consultant 08/14 – 09/14
Fetterman and Associates, Little Rock, Arkansas
• Worked with teachers at Brinkley High School in Brinkley, Arkansas and discussed ways to increase test scores of the students.
• Consulted with teachers from Strong Middle School in Mariana, Arkansas. Implemented using more technology in this school and the feasibility of technology increasing the test scores of students.
• Addressed issues with the Superintendent of the Helena School District about student test scores and gave solutions.

Tutor 8/10 - 4/11
Philander Smith College, Academic Success Center
• Tutored students in the following subjects: College Chemistry I, College Chemistry II, University Physics I, University Physics II, Developmental Math, College Math, College Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus I, and Calculus II.
• Maintained current records of tutoring activities such as: timesheets and student progress reports


Philander Smith College




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Neurol Degenerative Disease Research


Outstanding Program Assistant


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Algebra 1
Common Core

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