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I would give Shreyas 100 stars if I could. I came to him in a serious bind after struggling with my Python homework for months. In the first 5 minutes, he had already identified the reason I couldn't test my python code efficiently (it was the code editor). In the next 15 minutes, he identified a problem that even my professor couldn't catch. So right out the gate in 20 minutes or less, homework 1 done! Next, we dove into a complex code + design problem. Shreyas helped me fix the flow of my code so we could reuse functions and also helped me put it all together! He does a good job of breaking down the assignment into its basic elements. This is the way I learn and he matched it to a T! All in all, not only did we rewrite the hardest chunk of code and get my homework done, I learned so many shortcuts and tips that help me be a better Python coder. When I turned it in, I got 100% on the assignment! Shreyas is a lifesaver and I will 100% name my entire degree after him.

Diana A. reviews Shreyas Krishnan