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Benjamin R.

1.5 miles away

Full Stack Software Architect in Python and Php


I have 20 years of experience in the field from small clients to fortune 50 comp... See more

  • ... Southern Connecticut State Unive...
  • subject PHP + 8 more
Jessica Georg

3.2 miles away

Software Engineer

My name is Jessica. I work full-time as a software engineer in Baltimore, Maryland. My areas of expertise include; Computer Science and Mathematics.
... See more

  • ... Coastal Carolina University
  • subject PHP + 28 more
  • in a day or more
Pete Schmitt

1.4 miles away

University of Pennsylvania Senior Application Developer.

I have 10+ years experience teaching and tutoring college-age students in a wide range of technology subjects.

  • ... Granite State College
  • subject PHP + 15 more
  • in a day or more
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Benefits of Hiring a PHP Tutor

The best things about learning PHP with a tutor is that they make it extremely simple for a newcomer, but they can create a lesson plan that also benefits an expert. Don't be afraid to explore the long list of PHP features with one of our computer science tutors. With a PHP tutor on your side, you can jump in and start writing simple scripts in a few hours. A computer language is only as solid as the programmer who is writing it, so our tutors will help you realize the power you have within you so you can move forward with confidence.

PHP is a language that is ideal for beginners because of its simplicity. With that being said, it is often overlooked that because it is so simple a new programmer can pick up bad habits. This will carry over to when you try to learn a new language and will hinder your future success as a programmer. Our tutors understand this risk and will do everything in their power to eliminate it by teaching you good habits. When you learn how to do things the right way from a trained professional you will be building a solid base to lean on for the rest of your working career. Passing your class is the first step toward you finding success as a computer programmer.

If you are in class and struggling, this can be beyond frustrating. You know that PHP is supposed to be something that is easy for you to pick up so you can move toward the more complicated languages. But you’re stuck on this program, and that does not mean that you are not capable. It is probably the fact that you are not learning in an ideal educational environment. College is a high-stress environment where you have to balance so many different classes and extracurriculars. You might not be taking the time to just sit with the program to truly understand it because you are so busy with other things.

Our tutors will do that with you. Meeting with a one-on-one PHP tutor is a beautiful learning experience, unlike anything you have gone through. Your tutor will take into account not only your struggles but also your style of learning. This is the recipe for your success. When you have a professional sit down with you to truly understand your problems and dedicate themselves to help you solve them, you are doing more than just trying to pass your class. You are positioning yourself to be one of the best computer programmers out there. At HeyTutor we have a large database of tutors who have gone through what you are currently encountering and also may be working in the industry you hope to join.

If you are working as a computer programming and looking to expand your languages, a HeyTutor tutor will be perfect for you. Our tutors are also working professionals so they understand how important your time is and will not waste it. Your learning style and needs are going to be different from a student’s so our tutors will teach accordingly. But the lessons you get within PHP are not the only thing you will be getting. You will be able to have insightful conversations with someone who understands what it is like to be working as a programmer. They will be able to give you ideas and the tools you need within PHP to thrive toward your goals in the industry. You will learn everything you need to in order to become a true asset in the working world or with your current company. A tutor from HeyTutor is the perfect fit for someone who is already out in the field grinding it out.

Finding a tutor can be a quick and easy process with the right group of people on your team and our reps at HeyTutor meet that criteria. At Heytutor we offer many skilled professionals that dedicate their time to helping you succeed with PHP. Our team is here to answer any questions you have about locating the perfect PHP tutor for you and we will find your match quicker than you can believe. Get started expanding your knowledge of PHP and becoming a top of the line computer programmer today.