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Nursing Tutor. Professor/Tutor with 15 years education experience

Hi I'm Shri! I am an Adjunct Professor in Nursing looking to help students achieve their goals of becoming a nurse. I am an experienced ICU nurse with many years of teaching experience. My first job out of nursing school was in cardiac nurs... See more

  • ... University of Phoenix
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MSN-ARNP and Professor with 20+ Years in Nursing Eager to Help You!

The medical field has been my passion for over 20 years! I have extensive education and experience in Nursing, including med/surg, surgical trauma, urgent care, ER, outpatient surgery, home care and hospice. I am a professor of nursing at a... See more

  • ... Nova Southeastern University
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BSN trained Nurse with 18 years of bedside experience

I am a BSN trained Nurse with 18 years of a wide variety of bedside experience. I have worked Medical/Surgical, Orthopedics, and Telemetry. A majority of my background is in Critical Care Nursing with experience in Medical, Cardiac and Surg... See more

  • ... Fitchburg State University
  • subject Nursing
Dr. Stacey Ravid RN, MSN, CNS, PhD

Stacey Ravid RN, MSN, CNS, Ph.D. has an extraordinary nursing career spanning over twenty-four years. For most of her career, Dr. Ravid worked as an emergency nurse, while also gaining experience in other nursing disciplines including; ICU,... See more

  • ... Florida Atlantic University
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RN, BSN (summa cum laude) grad; current post-bacc premedical student!

Hello! I recently passed the NCLEX in 75 questions, and I can help you pass in 75, too!

... See more

  • ... University of San Francisco
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Why You Need a Nursing Tutor

Are you currently in or hoping to attend school for nursing? Nursing is a hard program to get into and a tough one to maintain good grades in as well. However, it is a desired field, and absolutely worth the struggle of late night study sessions and months of lack of sleep while putting in clinical hours, classes, and study time. Nursing requires serious dedication and attention. From the day you start taking classes, to the moment you are on the job, you must take in every experience and every lesson learned. This is a career where human life is in your hands. You will want to get a nursing tutor to make sure that you learn as much as you can while you’re in the process of school and while you're hoping to obtain your license. Nursing is such a stable and rewarding career, but it will definitely take a lot of hard work and perseverance to break through.

Nurses are in high demand and get paid quite well out of college. But it takes years of dedication and commitment before you can even think about any of these benefits.  There are several steps and hoops one must jump through before you will even be admitted into nursing school. Each school has their own admissions policy so it may differ depending on where you are enrolling, however one of the most common requirements is a nursing entrance exam. We are all familiar with the SAT or ACT to get into college, but these tests are not accurate indicators of your potential as a nurse. So you will have to pass a specific exam, like the NCLEX, that will test your aptitude as a nurse. As mentioned, before you can even step on campus you have to begin studying. In order to make sure that you do all that is necessary to pass this test and get into the college of your choice, nursing tutoring should be in your crosshairs. Someone who is college educated and does have experience test preparation tutoring and taking this exam is going to be your best friend.

After you have gotten the necessary score on your exam and finally enrolled in classes, you know the real work is just beginning. Nursing school is an incredible challenge as everything you learn is literally life and death. So there is no time to take any days off or to truly struggle in any of your classes. The moment you begin to feel yourself falling behind or not picking up something in class you need to reach out and find a nursing tutor.  Working with HeyTutor will ensure that you are getting the best “nursing tutor near me.” Because if you want to be one of the best you absolutely have to learn from one of the best. To work with a private nursing tutor who has been where you are going will be invaluable toward your overall experience. But if you are not meeting the expectations you set for yourself it is absolutely necessary to work with a nursing tutor. They will make sure you are getting everything you need so that you can one day be an even better nurse than they are.

If you are enrolled in nursing school, you know how valuable of a resource your time is. With extracurriculars, class time, study groups and personal activities you do not want to waste a minute. This is why working with a nursing tutor is so important. Because not only will they be able to make sure you are not wasting any time by creating a schedule around you and what you have planned. But each and every session you will see yourself start to progress as a nurse. Your tutor will be able to supplement what it is you are learning so that you are absolutely positive that you are moving in the right direction. You can leave each session with the confidence to get the grade in the class but also knowing that you're setting yourself up to be a wonderful nurse. This is what’s going to make a difference when you enter the real world and start applying for jobs at hospitals. They want to see that you are willing to go above and beyond but also that you are knowledgeable and well-spoken when it comes to nursing. Our science tutors will have you ready for both successes in the classroom and at your new job.

7+ years tutoring from grades K-12th grade!


I am currently a Registered Nurse who is looking to also help students with tuto... See more

  • ... University of Texas at Austin
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Masters Prepared Nurse and Army Veteran

I have completed all of my didactic classes toward my Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree, but still need to complete a practicum. I have been a Registered Nurse for 11 years, however, I have been in the medical field in some capacity sinc... See more

Clinical Informatics Nurse Analyst, with 11 years of nursing experienc

I have been a nurse working with the same hospital system for the past 11 years. My clinical background i is medical surgical nursing, and End of life Oncology. As a nurse on the floor I was clinical coordinator for three years, helping ne... See more

  • ... Delaware State University
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BSN Nursing Student with 2+ years of Tutoring Experience

Hello, My name is Robyn and I am currently enrolled in Chamberlain University's College of Nursing in Pearland Texas. I have a 3.8 GPA and currently tutor my peers on campus in pharmacology, nursing fundamentals, medical surgical nursing, p... See more

  • ... Chamberlain College of Nursing
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Experienced Nurse tutor!

Hi, I’ve been in your position before. I’ve been in need of a tutor, I’ve been tutored and I now would love to help you achieve your learning goals. I have a Bachelors degree in nursing, experience in multiple areas of nursing and currently... See more

  • ... Grand Canyon University
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Benefits of Hiring a Nursing Tutor

A one-on-one nursing tutor provides a plethora of phenomenal benefits. No matter where you are on your nursing quest there is always the room for improvement and potential to turn all negative academic regression around. “Nursing tutoring near me” is the answer to any struggles you may be having in the field. Competition is stiff, but working with your mentor will help prepare you for anything thrown your way. Having a teacher to work with you privately means that you get tailored lessons for your specific areas of struggles. You can have intense and consistent tutoring sessions to stay focused and to perform at your best. Having a tutor gives you the best chance at mastering all the content that is covered in the nursing curriculum.

If you are ever struggling and serious about becoming a nurse you have said to yourself or your other classmates “I need a nursing tutor.” This is the first step toward eliminating your problem, vocalizing that it exists. Once you identify it then it will be that much easier to solve it. When you are able to go to a tutor who is dedicated to seeing you achieve your goals and focus on your struggles you will immediately start to see progress. Sitting down and letting your tutor know what you are struggling with is a major step. From there they will take this information you have given them about your experience along with what you are learning in class. They might even recognize patterns in other things that could be connected to your current struggle. When this happens your eyes are being opened by someone who has several years of experience.

You will be able to sit down with a professional and essentially get a class with someone who knows exactly what they are doing. They will be able to tell you things that your professor may not know because our tutors are working as nurses currently. They are living the life that you one day will hold so they can give you that insight you need. This will essentially act as both tutoring and mentoring from someone who is established in the medical field. A wonderful opportunity for you as a nursing student if you are having problems in class or not. You want to be as prepared as possible so that when you start working you are able to excel and work your way to the top.

If you have test anxiety and are terrified of having to take the entrance exam you need to be matched with a nursing tutor. They will be able to alleviate some of this stress by giving you the tools and knowledge to walk into the test with confidence in yourself. Success is when opportunity and preparation meet. So in order for you to take full advantage of this opportunity, you need to put in the work and prepare. This comes in the form of studying. However, if you are just spending night after night studying alone this might add to your stress. You might not know if what you are studying is going to be on the exam or if you are even retaining the information.

A nursing tutor will be able to make sure that you are studying the right things. But they also will ensure that your study habits are active. This way you know that you are doing all of the right things to get that passing grade you need. A test is only going to last for a brief moment in your life, so our tutors will make sure that you are relaxed. That is the only way you are going to do your best work. And as a nurse, you need to learn how to control your anxiety in high-intensity situations. You probably will be working in a hospital one day so you will have to do this for a living. It starts with this exam and the skills that your tutor will teach you.

At HeyTutor we take the time to screen each and every one of our tutors and have them go through an intensive interview process. All of our nursing tutors are in the medical field themselves and know the hard work it takes to get through a nursing program. You only get the very best tutors with our world-class team. Take a look at our tutor’s profiles, and read previous clients comment about their great experiences. We understand that nursing is a very intense and difficult field, but we want you to achieve your dreams of becoming a nurse. The best way to do that is by reaching out to our professionals on our platform today.

Most Recent Reviews for Nursing Tutors

Aisha I.
5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

Thank you so much Don. My daughter Zee did only an hour of tutoring with you and she told me what an excellent knowledgeable tutor you’re. Thank you also for taking the time to speak with me her mom and answer all my questions and concerns. Thank you heytutor. I will continue to use your services for my daughter up until she gets her Rn, license.

Allison S.
5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

Joseph has helped me get through one semester of nursing and is working on my last year. Truly thankful for his help and finding him when I did.